Friday Night with Leah Grams Johnson – Sunday Night with Sleepy Justice

Live Music Fans,

This week, we are featuring a talented, award winning, touring singer-songwriter and a remarkable local teen rock band.  A listening night on Friday and a dancing night on Sunday.  Something good for two groups of folks in one weekend.  Come on out and enjoy!




Leah Grams Johnson is a singer-songwriter hailing from the coast of Northern California. Her unique take on Country and Contemporary Folk music has resonated with fans of all musical backgrounds nationwide. Intelligent, warm, and passionate, her music serves as a true reflection of her character and perceptions of the world around her. Leah writes and sings from the heart, with words that go deep into emotional connections and a voice said to be both angelic and powerfully authentic.

Leah has been performing since 2008 and continues to satisfy and amaze audiences with her natural grace, charisma, and poignant storytelling. She is an alumna of Berklee College of Music’s songwriting program, and now resides in Nashville, TN to further hone her craft. Respected by artists and critics, and loved by audiences, Leah is developing what is sure to be a long and memorable career with her enrapturing voice and undeniable songs.

“Leah’s voice and music transport the listener to a powerful dive into the nuanced real. With her songs she blazes her own trail, digging deep to find and share her personal experience and understanding of life, love and the Journey. I recognize her unique vocal tone and delivery the moment she starts singing. Her guitar playing is equally masterful. She is the best kind of singer… she is an artist. “

– Judy Rodman, internationally renowned Vocal Coach

– 2014 Berklee College of Music Alumni

-2017 Telluride Troubadour Songwriting Finalist

-2017 Rocky Mountain Folks Festival Songwriting Finalist

– 2018 Helen Wurlitzer Foundation- Artist in Residence


Come out and be impressed with the musical skills of these local high school students.  They take their classic rock seriously and are also writing some cool original songs.  They are fresh out of getting into the famous Mad Dog Recording Studio and making some recordings with sound wizard, Ralph Pitt.  They should be well rehearsed for our show and will rock the room right.  Here’s some words from their website.  Sleepy Justice rocks!  Check them out this week or at the 18th Annual Mt. Sopris Music Fest downtown on July 6th.  I bet you will become a fan, too.


“ABOUT SLEEPY JUSTICE    Our band members are sophomores from RFHS and CRMS. Our band truly began in 7th grade when we used used to jam out together for fun after band class. Through the years, Sleepy Justice evolved into the band we know today with the help of mentors like Dan Rosenthal and Jason Jones. Now, you can catch Sleepy Justice playing shows at venues all around the Roaring Fork Valley. These shows will allow us to raise enough funds to produce our first recorded album. Were enjoying our journey so far and  look forward to what’s ahead!”

See you at the shows!

Musically Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon