Safecracking in the Dinkle on Potato Day

Live Music and Safecracking Fans,

Way back last century in 1993, I started paying rent in the old Dinkel Building.  We all loved the old bank vault that looked fantastic behind the stage.  But, inside the 1890’s walk in vault was a big mystery in the form of a huge, black 1863 safe with a beautiful painting on its front door.  We found out that the safe was moved into the vault after the big fire of 1891 down Main Street where the Clay Center is now located. This heavy safe was wheeled down to our shop and The Bank of Carbondale went back to business.

The ancient safe has not been opened for decades and the mystery has quietly driven me crazy all these years wondering just what, if anything, is inside.  Well, FINALLY on Potato Day, I get to see the contents!! Thanks to the skilled safecracker, Wayne Winton of TriCounty Locksmiths, the safe will be opened for the first time this century.  And, you have the opportunity to get an unknown and very unique door prize; the contents of the safe.  And, at the same time you will get to help support our local Carbondale Historical Society.  For a donation amount of $10 you will get a chance to own the unknown contents of the old safe.  Many thanks to our generous landlord, Tony Mazza, who has graciously donated the contents of his safe to this special event.  Here’s a few words about this very important building in town.

“The Dinkel Building at the corner of Fourth and Main in Carbondale has existed in various forms since the early 1890s. Built by William Dinkel, an early pioneer from Virginia who came to the Rockies with his brother in 1881 in search of gold. The Dinkels instead became merchants, selling flour to the miners in Aspen. By 1884 they had the only overnight passenger stop from Glenwood to Aspen, which back then was a two day trip. This enterprise eventually consisted of a mercantile, hotel, bank, potato storage and brokerage, among others. In 1891Dinkel was the first one to ship potatoes from Carbondale by rail to the East. He was one of the founding fathers of Carbondale.

The safe that still exists in the building today in what is now Steve’s Guitars may date back to 1891, when a fire destroyed the buildings in the east end of Carbondale. The safe was salvaged from the Bank of Carbondale and moved to one of the buildings on the Dinkel Block, where the bank was open for business the very next day.  Whether this is that particular safe will not be known until the safe is opened. Wayne Winton from Tri-County Locksmith told us that once he opens the safe and retrieves the serial number, he can determine the date of its arrival in the building.

No one knows when the safe’s use was discontinued so its contents, if any, could range anywhere from the early 1900s to the 1980’s. Dinkel’s son-in-law Wallace DeBeque took over the business after Dinkel’s death in 1918, and Debeque’s son Wally sold the building to its current owner Anthony Mazza in 1989. Through the years the Dinkel Building has housed a laundromat, TV repair shop, hotel, dance hall, rug shop, Crystal Glass with John and Mary Matchael, a kids clothing store and much more. It is now home to Steve’s Guitars, The Crystal Theater, and Bonfire Coffee among many others.”

Unlocking the Past – A Benefit for the Carbondale Historical Society

At Steve’s Guitars in the Historic Dinkel Building

Doors open at 3pm – participants will be given a ticket for doorprize drawing

3-3:30 Old-Timey Music  – Displays of artifacts from the Dinkel Family,

3:30-4pm Readings from the memoirs of early Carbondale pioneers by Carbondale Historical Society volunteers dressed in period costumes

4pm Announcements/Acknowledgements, Drawing for Grand Prize – The contents of the safe

4:15 Safecracking happens, contents are revealed and awarded

Tickets are $10 and available at Sopris Park on October 6th or from the Historical Society members and Steve’s Guitars.

Sounds like another unique, fun event in the little old shop and I just can’t wait to see what’s inside the old safe.  For me, a 25 year mystery will be solved and, as a bonus,  I will get a functioning safe to store all my valuable picks and strings.  And bars of gold if they come along in the lottery.

Musically Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon

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