Friday Night with Guilty Pleasure *** Saturday Night with the Roaring Fork High School Band

Live Music Fans,

When we first started making live music happen every week in the old Dinkel Building decades ago, we would only feature local musicians. Since then, we have also booked great touring acts when they are passing through. Like last week when we presented five excellent acts on tour.

This week, we are switching back to featuring only local players on Friday and Saturday Night. On Friday we have some very talented, long time local musicians in a cool trio who will play some cool original songs from their latest album. Then, on Saturday Night, we highlight some excellent high school players.

Come out and support and enjoy these local musicians. Why not?

See you at the shows!!


“Made up of exceptional musicians coming from a variety of different backgrounds, the members of Guilty Pleasure, USA share a mutual passion and love for the creation of music. The band works together day and night preparing for performances in order to make sure their recordings and live performances are in full harmony. Formed in 2011, Guilty Pleasure performed as a duo with Dave Taylor on guitar and vocals; Lyn Byars on percussion. In 2015, We were met the multi-talented M. Kelly Blue, singer.songwriter extraordinaire; playing guitar, bass and keyboards and adding powerful vocals, she filled out and completed the band.”

I continue to be amazed at the musical skills of our local high schools young players. Like Diego, who plays some fantastic lead guitar in the band, Sleepy Justice, as well as the RFHS Band. These young players perform way beyond their years in and they have made some sweet live music in the room before. Come out and give them some love and support in this special early show. Here are some words from Liam Laird who approached me first for the gig. Every band needs a brave booker, right? And, I like to reward courage and gumption that I find in young players. Hence, the show this weekend. And, you can claim your reward by just coming out and enjoying some fine live music provided by some of our next generation of local musicians. Take advantage of this opportunity at an early hour. Here’s some more words from Liam.
“Come enjoy an intimate Jazz and Latin music performance on Saturday, April the 20th from 7 to 8:30 by young musicians from Roaring Fork High School, directed by professional jazz musician and Jazz Aspen Snowmass In-School Instructor, Mark Johnson.

All band members were selected for Jazz Aspen Snowmass’ annual regional honor jazz festival. Two members were selected for all state jazz and two members were selected as alternates.”

The band members include: Jaime Lopez – Drums – Tyler Treadway – Piano – Diego Valdez – Guitar – Marco Hernandez – Bass – Aidan Knaus – Trumpet – Jack Hamilton – Trumpet – Rex Hamilton – Tenor Saxophone – Renee Bruell – Baritone Saxophone – Liam Laird – Alto Sax.

Musically Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon