Sunday Night with Flamenco Fusion Featuring Maestro Espinoza

Live Music Fans,

We had a wonderful weekend of live music provided entirely by our own local musicians.  Friday Night was a heartwarming night with Marilyn Kelly and her trio with Dave Taylor and Lyn Byars.  Her cd release party filled the room with some cool original songs.  Last time I saw her, she was in a wheelchair with MS and now she is rockin the room like Bonnie Raitt.  Some kind of musical miracle, for sure.  Great to see and hear.

Saturday Night featured 9 musicians in the Roaring Fork High School Jazz band along with their sax playing teacher, Mark Johnson.  Only the guitars and keyboards were amplified and all those mighty horns filled the room with some great tunes.  A big, powerful sound that could be heard down the block, even with my speakers off.  Their musical skills go far beyond their young ages and they made some beautiful live music for a packed room of enthusiastic fans.  Sweet night.

And, here we go into another week of entertainment in the little room.  On Friday Night we are hosting a special private party. But on this Sunday Night, we are hosting a fantastic early show with a guitar master from the Front Range.  Something to see on a special early Sunday Night, for sure.  Check his website and then come out and enjoy one of the best guitarists in Colorado. And, Miguel is bringing an all star band featuring a cello, sax, electric bass and percussion.  Should be plenty of gorgeous sounds in the little room.  Come and enjoy them with us.

See you at the shows!


Way back in the 60’s, I fell in love after hearing flamenco music on a nylon stringed guitar for the first time.  i spend many hours in high school learning a few gorgeous songs and went to see Segovia and others for inspiration.  So, it’s a real personal treat to host one of the best flamenco guitarists around these parts.  Perhaps even one of the best players in the entire world and Miguel is coming to our little, intimate music room to share his amazing talent with us.  Hard to beat if you are a fan of his music.  Take advantage of this rare opportunity to see a master guitarist in the best listening room around.  Here is his bio from his website.  Come on out for this special early show.

“Miguel Espinoza has had a lifelong love affair with flamenco. A child prodigy who started honing his technique since the age of four—and performed his first recital at age nine on PBS—Espinoza is hailed as one of the best flamenco guitarists in the world. Described by Guitar Player Magazine as “mesmerizing,” Espinoza is much more than a virtuosic technician. Whether his lightning-fast fingers are skittering across the fretboard, fluttering over the sound hole like percussive hummingbird wings or skillfully drawing achingly beautiful melodies out of the strings, Espinoza’s award-winning compositions create an exotic, intoxicating musical elixir of flamenco fusion–one that is as sonically exciting as it is emotionally moving.

After moving to Spain to apprentice with numerous flamenco masters, he was embraced by the gypsy community and eventually earned the title “maestro” himself. Espinoza toured with flamenco dance troupes, including Maria Benitez, throughout Europe and the U.S. Following years of refining his art on his own, Espinoza went on to study advanced harmony with guitarists Wayne Sturdy and Dale Bruning.

As a young boy visiting a tiny Mayan village with his mother, Espinoza was approached by an aging shaman and given the name “curandero” (healer). Two decades later, it was the name he chose for his flamenco fusion project.

Curandero, consisting of Espinoza on guitar and Ty Burhoe on tabla, magically fused two ancient musical traditions—traditional flamenco guitar and the intricate classical drums of North India—to bring Espinoza’s compositions to life. After being signed to Silver Wave Records and releasing Curandero’s self-titled debut CD, they invited world-renowned musicians Béla Fleck on banjo and Kai Eckhardt on bass (John McLaughlin Trio) to record the sophomore album. Aràs received accolades from critics and fans worldwide—and was selected as one of the 50 best releases from 1990–2000 by the Indie Acoustic Project.

After deciding to venture out on his own, Espinoza released Guitarra en Mano, which explored even more musical territory. Melding flamenco with a variety of genres—including Latin jazz, salsa, classical and even rap—it further showcased Espinoza’s extraordinary technical skills, genre-bending creativity and soul-stirring musicality. The CD received the Indie Acoustic Project’s Best CD of 2009 Award in the Latin category.

Espinoza has performed both nationally and internationally at notable venues (Red Rocks, Macky Auditorium, Boulder Theater, Chatauqua Auditorium, Denver Botanic Gardens) and has shared the stage with artists such as Kitaro, Tuck and Patti, Rita Moreno and Ben Vereen. He has also composed and recorded music for feature films and documentaries. In addition to performing, he offers private lessons, workshops and master classes.

Miguel has most recently joined forces with his new band, Flamenco Fusion, incorporating Flamenco, Jazz, European Classical and Indian Classical music into a riveting synthesis of sound and energy. A new release is anticipated in late 2018.”

“Miguel Espinoza Fuses Flamenco with Jazz, (Westword Magazine, Aug. 29, 2018)”

​“Miguel Espinoza is a mesmerizing guitarist.” (Guitar Player Magazine)

“I was simply transported by the beauty of the music and the consummate artistry of this artist.�– Pierre Kenyon (Denver Post)

“Espinoza should not be missed.” – Dave Chamberlain (Chicago Reader)

“Curandero, the debut CD by flamenco guitarist Miguel Espinoza in collaboration with the much recorded table/percussionist Ty Burhoe is nothing short of spectacular.,,one of this year’s best and most interesting instrumental releases.” – (Acoustic Musician)

“Curandero weaves images among melodies that stay in your head for hours�”- (Boulder Daily Camera)

“This music is so haunting you’ll fee like you’ve never heard sounds like these before, but the compositions are so full of timeless beauty, you’ll feel like this music has always been alive inside you.” – Gerald Laurence (Immedia Wire Service)

“Espinoza is one of the most acclaimed flamenco guitarists in the world�” – Bruce Pilato (Gannett News Service)

�…melodic, passionate, intricate original compositions.” – Riley Tharp (Acoustic Guitar)

“ Miguel Espinoza [is] one of the best flamenco guitarists in the United States. The director was a huge fan of his, and since we needed to feature a flamenco guitarist throughout the score, we flew him in from Denver. Miguel is a freak show. He could do things on the guitar that my brain couldn’t comprehend. I would watch his fingers erupt effortlessly across the strings, but it never seemed to match the sounds I was hearing. Every time he touched a string, I was in awe. He’s a flamenco virtuoso and an absolute pleasure to collaborate with.” – Brian Satterwhite (Composer for the IMAX film Ride Around the World)

“Acoustic guitar, electric bass, tablas, percussion. Curandero, the debut CD by flamenco guitarist Miguel Espinoza in collaboration with tabla player Ty Burhoe, is nothing short of spectacular, successfully fusing fiery, passionate Spanish rhythms with the exotic voicings of the Indian tabla.�– Indie Acoustic (The 50 Best CDs from 1990-2000: CD Reviews)

“Displaying a genius for musical form, Curandero’s ‘La Tormenta’ crosses Latin Jazz with flamenco and elements of Braziliian and salsa, accenting the storm of music with clever integrations of the Indian tabla.” – Dave Chamberlain (Chicago Reader)

“Espinoza is a gifted guitarist who takes the fiery appeal of Flamenco to new heights.�– Matthew Moon (Crossroads)

 “Brilliant and amazing is just a start to describe the latest released album “Aras,” by the highly talented artists Miguel Espinoza and Ty Burhoe, aka Curandero.” –

 “A remarkable balance between individual skill, ensemble understanding and overall excitement.”  – Jeff Kaliss (Music Wire)

 “Filled with a musical passion and innovative vitality, this duo comes together to take ancient art forms, whose paths intertwined centuries ago, into the present. Curandero means healer or folk doctor and their music is alive with this spirit.” (Backroads Music)

 �…the flamenco tradition of Spain and the classical percussion of India mesh in a haunting, moving display of passionate virtuosity.” (Victory)

 “Espinoza and Burhoe can really make sparks fly; notes explode like hornets in a tornado.�– CW (NAPRA Review)

 “Should cure everyone from any disease or sickness, either in the body, soul or spirit…Joyous, inventive, perfectly crafted music. Deserves to climb the hit parade to Himalayan heights.”

One truly amazing guitarist heading our way.  Lucky us.

Musically Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon