Humbird on this Thursday Night with Paonia’s Pure Weed *** Friday Night with The Wolf Tones (Wes and Jay Engstrom)

Live Music Fans, 

Well, some weeks take a little longer to come together for booking the old room.  But, I think you will agree that it was worth the wait.  In the past, some of our most entertaining shows have happened on “school nights”. Tomorrow night is another opportunity to host some talented touring musicians for your listening pleasure on a weeknight. 

The surprise addition to a sleepy Thursday Night is an excellent trio from over the McClure Pass in Paonia called “Pure Weed”.  They are a rockin original band who are friends of Humbird and will warm up the room nicely.  Check out their website for more clues on reasons to come out.  Then check out Humbird for even more reasons to leave the couch for some gorgeous music in the best sounding room around.  

Then, on Friday Night we welcome a return visit of the very talented local musical Engstrom brothers with their Wolf Tones project.  We love hosting some of the wonderful local talent that we have in the area.  That’s why we started making the shop into a music venue years ago.  And, every year it feels like the local musical scene keeps getting stronger and better.  Come out and see. Support it when you can!

See you at the shows!

THURSDAY NIGHT – NOVEMBER 21ST – HUMBIRD – 8:30PM – – OPENING ACT – Pure Weed from Paonia – 

I’ve been hearing some good things about this talented Paonia band and we have been trying to host them before. They want to see their friends, Humbird, and help make the night even better with more original music.  Just what we like.  Here’s a quote from the web on a recent show.  Cool act.

“Paonia band Pure Weed plays some new songs and talks with Ali Lightfoot about making music connections in the hemp fields,  famous Paonia punks and how to pick an alias.”

HUMBIRD – “Everyone knows the character of Eve from the bible, and everyone has their own ideas about her. But if she was wandering around America in 2019, what the hell would she say?” wonders Siri Undlin of indie-folk band Humbird. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and inspired by the crystalline chill of the state’s Northern winters, Undlin creates experimental folk and environmental Americana tinged with the sophistication of classic orchestral compositions. Her upcoming album Pharmakon, out August 30, focuses on women and the female body in folklore as a poetic way to explore the human experience. Working with engineer Brian Joseph (Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens) and producer Shane Leonard (Field Report), Undlin’s newest release joins the leagues of masterful indie storytellers.

Growing up the child of a Lutheran preacher and a trial lawyer, Undlin witnessed the power of stories in her childhood home and began writing music and performing in her church choir from a young age. Her voice, which contains the unwavering fortitude of hymnal melodies, reveals her traditional background. Paired with Undlin’s knack for eccentric musical arrangements and unpredictable, fresh modes of storytelling, Pharmakon bounces between two worlds, never lingering in one for long. It’s no wonder that this dynamic, oscillating motion inspired the creation of Undlin’s upcoming release. “When I was writing these songs, I was moving between extremes and trying to look at things differently,” says Undlin. “I was exploring the black and the white and then the gray.” The word “pharmakon,” defined by Plato, is the concept that something can either be the poison or the cure, depending on how much one consumes. “I love that idea, of the two polarizing sides of something that could either be the answer or kill you,” says Undlin. “And I think the concept is suited to the album. It was written over an intense period of a couple of years, where I was redefining my own power in music.”

“Stunningly Beautiful…There’s so much out there these days that’s so loud and bombastic, but there’s something about being able to catch tunes that make you sit and feel.”

FRIDAY NIGHT – NOVEMBER 22nd – THE WOLF TONES – WES AND JAY ENGSTROM – 8:30PM We first came across Wes and his original music when he was still in the Roaring Fork High School. It was pretty obvious three years ago that making music was going to be a major part of his life. And by that young age, he had already been playing the guitar for years.   Here’s a few words from an article that the Post Independent did about him in 2016 where he talked about music in his life.“I started playing guitar about five years ago and writing my own stuff maybe two years ago. I tried the cello, too, but I’ve been leaning more toward the guitar, and I’ve been performing around town a bit. I sing, too. I’m starting to branch out a bit, but main influences are probably Shakey Graves, the Wood Brothers, the Revivalists kind of that singer songwriter aspect.”Well, since that article was written, Wes has performed in Sopris Park, the Town Plaza, Steve’s Guitars, the 5Point Film Fest and a number of other venues in the valley.  Just recently he played for the Sopris Music Fest and for Potato Day. He has written a bunch of original songs and has been winning new fans every gig. Come out and see him in the park or listen to him on KDNK. Cool original songs delivered with skill on guitar and soaring vocals.” And for this special show he will be joined by his talented brother, Jay, on percussion, vocals and vibe.  Another great local act playing original music for their friends and neighbors.  Come on out and enjoy!

Musically Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon