First Friday Night with the Marvelous May Erlewine – The Queen of Michigan’s Folk Scene

Live Music Fans, 

Once again, the morning walks are brisk and icy and our pup just adores the new snow.  We approach our 40th Winter in the valley and look forward to some hot shows to keep us warm in the cold months.  We have just what is needed on this coming Friday Night with another amazing musician who has come a long ways to share her wonderful, original music with us.  

See you at the shows!


I know we have a great act booked for the little room when I get emails from experienced music lovers who are willing to drive hours to hear the act and want me to save them seats.  That was true of May Erlewine and it gives me great confidence that this will be a sweet show.  The kind we keep the lights on for and feel grateful that they happen.  Now you can do your part by checking out one of Michigans best folk artists and see why she have many devoted fans all over the country. Then come out and give her love and support and good reason to come back.  I got rave reviews for her recent performance in Moab.  Send me an email and I will be glad to save you seats for this special show.

“She’s also an older version of the self that first earned the loyal fan base that’s sustained her now for more than a decade. At 35, she looks young, but not youthful, her face now marked by a few creases that give her more credibility as a folk singer—especially one carrying the message she does. “I think the industry has it set up to look really shitty for getting older, but I think it’s a lie,” she says. “The whole image of a washed-up, tired old person in a hype-based industry can make you feel like there’s no place for longevity or having a lifelong career. Especially being a woman, the deck is stacked. But I don’t feel less connected. I’m writing better songs, and if anything, I feel more solid about what I’m offering. There are obviously not as many old musicians as there are young musicians. But I think if you have the passion, then it’s just who you are, and the age is going to deepen it.”

Birth name – May Erlewine – Also known as Daisy May, Daisy May Erlewine, May Erlewine Bernard

Born May 13, 1982 (age 37) – Big Rapids, Michigan

Genres Folk music, blues

Occupation(s) Musician, singer, songwriter, social justice activist

Labels Earthwork Music Collective – Associated acts: Seth Bernard, Joshua Davis, The Sweet Water Warblers

May Erlewine (born May 13, 1983) is a musician from Big Rapids, Michigan. She sings and plays the guitar, piano, violin, and other instruments. She is also a songwriter, with over 15 albums of original work published since the beginning of her career, in the early 2000s. Her songs have been covered by other artists, on the local and national music scenes in the United States.

Erlewine is part of the Earthwork Music collective, an independent label that promotes original music from regional artists. Earthwork was founded by Erlewine’s former husband, Samuel Seth Bernard, who is a musician and singer-songwriter himself. Erlewine has performed solo, as a duet with Max Lockwood, with the May Erlewine band, with May Erlewine and the Motivations, with the Sweet Water Warblers, and with other bands.

“May Erlewine has split her heart wide open and hasn’t hidden any of the contents from view.”

“One of the Midwest’s most prolific and passionate songwriters, Erlewine has a gift for writing songs of substance that feel both fresh and soulfully familiar. Her ability to emotionally engage with an audience has earned her a dedicated following far beyond her Michigan roots. She shows us her heartbreak, but she also shows us her empowered and emboldened spirit. In her quest to find her most authentic self, Erlewine gifts each listener with a powerful, emotional experience that immediately connects us.

Raised in a home full of art and music, Erlewine began writing songs at a very young age. As a teenager she hitchhiked across the country, honing her skills as a performer and absorbing the kind of stories and landscapes that would inform her music. Her songs show a very real connection and concern with everyday folk. In the following years, Erlewine would perform in every kind of venue imaginable, from street corners to festival stages to the live airwaves of A Prairie Home Companion.

Erlewine draws from a wide variety of influences to create her sound. Lyrically, her songs are rooted in hard-wrought wisdom, joy and sorrow, simplicity, and stories from her own everyday experiences. Musically, these messages are wrapped up in traditional folk roots, Americana, old-time country swing, soul, and even rock and pop sensibilities. As a live performer, she is just as magnetic playing solo acoustic songs at a living room house concert as she is when supported by her carefully chosen backing bands.

With a long list of full-length albums, two EPs, and numerous collaborations, Erlewine’s catalog is proof of her creative power. Her work has been spotlighted by Rolling Stone and NBC’s The Voice. National acts who have covered her songs include Greensky Bluegrass, Railroad Earth, Sawyer Fredericks (Season 8 winner of The Voice), Joshua Davis (Season 8 finalist of The Voice), Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys, and others.

Erlewine uses her music as a platform for positive change. She considers her job a service-oriented one and carries the torch of the folk-singer activist. Her voice on stage encourages connectedness and stresses the importance of environmental advocacy, social justice, creative empowerment and community building as necessary work for all of us. 

Erlewine’s music has touched people all over the world. Her words have held solace for weary hearts, offered a light in the darkness, and held space for the pain and joy of being alive in these times. She is a true artist, an anthem, and another example of why we need to listen to women. We need to hear these stories. When she starts to sing, there’s no way around it: The time is now.”

Take advantage of seeing May’s performance in the best little listening room around these parts of the the Rocky Mountains.  There’s a bunch of good reasons why the Colorado State Tourism folks put us at Number 2 on their list of best small town music venues.  How can you beat an historic, fantastic sounding room where the live music is the Number 1 priority? We continue to think it’s not possible.  Come out and enjoy another very talented music act that has driven miles to come entertain us.  Should be a great show.   

Musically Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon