Friday Night with Local Singer/Songwriter/Guitarists – Charley Wagner and William Steindler

Live Music Fans, 

We had a fantastic night of original live music with the talented ladies from Austin; Ley Line.  The room was overflowing with enthusiastic fans that included their biggest fan in the front row who is now about 12 years old.  They put on a spectacular display of vocal harmonies and “other world” instruments like the Talking Drum.  If only my guitars could speak English; oh, the stories they could tell.  They can’t talk but they sure can sing along.  Don’t you think?  After only a few visits, this band has become one of our favorite touring bands.  We look forward to the next show with them.  

See you at the shows!


William has been sharing his “sad songs that you can tap your toes to” all over the valley recently with his band “Callin’ Old Souls”.  This Friday, we get to hear his original songs with just him and his guitar.  Check out his “raw, underground country” in the best room around for hearing original songs.  Bring your hankerchief for this one or just use your sleeve to wipe away the tears.  Some sad ones.

“Charley Wagner does his darnedest to bring you an authentic americana/folk style music experience. With the use of a guitar, harmonica and foot rhythm he retells captured moments from the past and hopes for the future.  Local to Carbondale, he hails from northern Minnesota. Working as an arborist by day, a musician by night, a world traveler and outdoorsman.  In between his stories are a homespun web of thoughts and experiences that most can identify and relate to.”

We first started making live music happen decades ago in order to give local songwriters like Charley and William a supportive room to share their original songs.  That continues to be a primary goal for us. So, come out and give some love to these creative and courageous musical artists.  Why not?  Music is always better live.

Musically Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon