Live Music Fans, 

In over 27 years of making live music happen in the old Dinkel Building, we have never faced the challenge of a Corona Virus. And, today it is starting to kick our booking butts.  

To begin, the two shows with the mighty fine band, Yarn, for this weekend will not happen.  They are promising to come back in the Fall and we look forward to hosting this great band in the music room.

We also received news about the postponed 5Point Film Fest and our show with Charlie Parr later in March.  Looks like the room will be pretty quiet for most of March.  I’ll try and keep everyone updated on the news.

Just when we could all use the healing powers of live music in this scary time.  Life!  Full of surpsises and not all of them good, by any means.  

Stay safe and warm.  We look forward to bringing back live music as soon as possible.  Be well.

Sadly yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon