Even More Shows Cancelled *** Return of the F.O.G.

Live Music Fans, 

Here we are, all together in the Corona crisis and we are sad to announce more great live music nights that won’t happen.  It reminds me of two old jokes.  One is ” Do you know how to make God laugh?”; Just tell her your plans.” The other is: “Do you know how to make a small fortune in the music business? Start with a large fortune.”  We have all got to have a sense of humor and great patience to get through these times.  So, now I have made her laugh and the fortune gets smaller.  Life in my music biz!

I had one of our best months “planned” for March. Ha, ha.  We were really excited about having Yarn play the little room for two nights.  And, I was very impressed by Tiffany Christopher and booked her for her first visit to the shop.  Friday Night we had two local songwriters, Caleb Cofsky and William Steindler, booked who will now have to wait until the room is safe.  We are also really sorry to miss the amazing Charlie Parr and Whipporwill’s first visit and also another first visit postponed with The River Valley Rangers.  As well as booking return shows with The Grateful Bluegrass Boys and The Sweet Lillies.  Just not meant to be.  Grrrr…

We are also disappointed to have to cancel our “Streamin’ Steve’s” fundraiser night with GrassRootsTv scheduled for April 3rd.  But, our efforts to raise enough money to purchase high quality HD cameras and equipment to live stream all our shows continues.  You can still help in all kinds of safe ways.  One is to go to www.grassrootstv.org and make a donation.  Or, you can donate some goods and/or services to the Silent Auction planned for later in the Spring.  Just email me and let us know how you can help with our ongoing live streaming goal.  We have already raised over 50% of the goal so please help keep the momentum going in the right direction.

Our longtime Streak is ongoing at 976 Friday Nights in a row and I have no plans to start the Streak over at 1.  Way too old for that. This long time committment to making live music happen on every Friday will be hard to break.  Last Friday Night, I pulled a guitar off the wall and made some live music happen in the lonely but still appreciative room.  All my guitars are also addicted to the music like me. A few years back, I formed a band of my fellow Senior citizens that we called “The F.O.G.”.  A perfect name for a bunch of “Frickin Old Guys”.  We never packed the house so a reunion might be just the right act for this sad crisis but it looks like it will only be me as the F.O.G. in the room for now.  Keeping the Streak on life support in the coming weeks.  Strange days indeed. 

Stay warm, safe and strong.   Can’t wait to hear fantastic live music in the best music room around again.  Meanwhile, I will get my finger callouses back and feed my need for live music by myself. Desperate times.  I’m really looking forward to resuming putting on great acts from all over the country.  I’ll be sure to let you know when that happens.  Can’t be soon enough! 

Sadly yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon