Streamin’ Steve’s Continues

Live Music Fans, 

We hope you all got a chance to enjoy our first official Streamin’ Steve’s show last Friday Night.  It felt great to hear and stream some excellent live music from the old room.  It still remains very strange to have no audience, for sure.  But, it still remains our only option right now for making live music happen in the old town.  So, we plan on doing another live stream this coming Friday Night starting at 7:30pm with two more talented local music acts.

Many thanks to our local musicians last week who put on a great night of live entertainment.  It was a pleasure to host Wes Engstrom, William Steindler, Jeremy Isenhart and Jackson Emmer.  They all looked and sounded great for our first live stream.  This week, our Friday Night Streak will continue at 981 Fridays in a row with two of our favorite local acts; Dan Sheridan and Valle Musico.  Most of these guys have been making sweet live music in the old room ever since we started.  We are always happy to welcome them back to the little stage.  If you are not fans by now, check them out this Friday Night on the web at or  


Dan has been one of the finest local singer/songwriter/guitarists for many years.  He has written some really beautiful original songs and he sounds fantastic singing them in the little room.  Which he has done for about 20 years.  His live performances are something to enjoy so check Dan out. 

“A balance between politically-charged modern themes,and timeless stories built on emotive melodies, complex open tunings and a wry sense of humor. 

2002 First Place  – Rocky Mountain Folk Festival Songwriter Showcase

2001 First Place  – Swallow Hill Songwriting Competition

1993 First Place – Telluride Troubadour Contest 

“When an artist truly has something to say, others easily recognize it. This is the case with the most recent collection of songs by Dan Sheridan on his new release, Recycle.

Beyond the strong melodies and the effortless flow of words is a simple feeling that these songs may have always existed, and Sheridan’s deft touch as a songwriter merely uncovered them. This is the magic of Sheridan’s work, and what has made him one of today’s most artistic singer-songwriters.  Never resorting to shock value or falling back on time worn cliches, the beauty of Sheridan’s work lies in the longing and detachment of his characters in these pastoral landscapes.”


Over 21 years ago, we moved into our current space with two local musician/artist/luthiers to help share the rent.  Louie Hayes had the back room where he proceeded to build about 50 acoustic guitars and Pat Winger had the upstairs room where he made clothes and sculptures while playing in local bands.  Both Pat and Louie found new spaces after the first few years.  But, a few years back, Pat returned with his latest musical project that they named Valle Musico.  This talented local quartet plays some beautiful instrumental songs that feature some gorgeous guitar by Pat and John Ramo.  They are joined by Bruce on bass and Laarry on drums.  A great sound and they will be playing some gorgeous songs from their latest album “Columbra”.  This should be sweet.

“Go on a musical journey with an exciting musical collaboration �Valle Musico� consisting of guitarists Pat Winger and John Ramo, bassist Bruce Imig and drummer and percussionist Larry Dutmer. With a musical mission to bring a fusion of new interpretations of classical, jazz and world-beat music to audiences, Valle Musico has a musical focus that explores the confluence of these genres in exciting and new musical ways.”

“Valle Musico was inspired by John Ramo�s meeting the musical icon Paul Simon in his apartment in New York City when �Graceland� was first released in 1987. His conversation with Paul Simon inspired John , especially when Paul Simon stated that music, for him, was essentially about �guitars and percussion�. This theme forms the basis of Valle Musico�s musical collaboration – an exploration of guitars and percussion, the improvisational and notated aspects of classical, jazz, worldbeat musical genres and how they blend, combine and fuse.”


We hope you enjoyed the taped show we played last Friday Night with Jeffrey Foucault.  He put on a great live show and the HD camera was crisp and clear along with the audio mix.  We wanted to give you all a better idea of the quality of HD shows we are now able to record and archive with GrassRootsTV.  The taped show with the Taylor Scott Band is another good example of what our sound and video crew are producing on a regular basis with all the new HD cameras and equipment.  

We have come a long ways in our level of video and audio recordings since we started documenting shows last century.  Enjoy the live acts and be sure to check out Taylor’s band; one of the best we have ever hosted. Especially if you like a hot Les Paul electric guitar, a sweet Leslie organ, outrageous drums and electric bass.  We had them booked for our first Second Sunday in Sopris Park in June but we are likely cancelling that show, sorry to say.  So, the best we can do is offer the band to you in this live stream.  They are certainly worth the view.  One of the best bands in Colorado.

“The Taylor Scott Band transcends musical genres by joyously embracing a raft of them. Funk, Soul, Rock and R&B all come together in this Denver-based band�s repertoire, and never more so than on his new album release, All We Have produced by Steve Berlin (Los Lobos).”

“Onstage, the road-tested Taylor Scott Band simply  kills it night after night. Good luck trying to sit down or stay still.  In addition to touring and recording with his own band, Scott has  recorded and toured the US, Canada and Europe with blues legend Otis Taylor and in 2015 played alongside the likes of Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers, Gov’t Mule) on Otis Taylor�s critically acclaimed release, “Hey Joe Opus: Red Meat.”  

�Taylor Scott is one of those artists that can do it all. A heartfelt, sincere songwriter with extraordinary guitar chops and a deeply soulful voice.� �Dave Alvin

�Taylor Scott�s music is gaining a reputation for transcending the limitations of a single genre.� -Elmore Magazine

�Some albums are good, others are great, but few are thrilling; that�s just what All We Have is.� -The Rock Doctor

�Taylor Scott is a relatively new artist who has already done some remakable things.� -Twangville

“Taylor is an incredible songwriter � his lyrics are thoughtful and gritty. He is also a mean guitar player and the album allows him to showcase his ability.�  -Tour Stories

Musically Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon