Streamin’ Steve’s! Test Stream Tonight !

Live Music Fans, 

Our long time dream of live streaming live music made in the little, very old shop in the heart of historic Carbondale takes a big step forward tonight at 7:30pm.  Many thanks to GrassRootsTV.  And with the help of our skilled and talented friends, we will be making our first test run of live streaming live music from the shop. A “soft opening” you might say.  It’s very appropriate that this special test run of the new cameras and high quality equipment is with Bradman Manosevitz and Jeremy Isenhart.  Great test subjects as hey have been supporters of live streaming from the Dinkel Building for years and they personally installed all the new equipment along with Ralph Pitt who now has a brand new video station as a neighbor right next to him upstairs.  Amazingly, they can control 3 new HD cameras from upstairs all while providing a live stream to the internet along with recording the show that will be put in the archives.  And then posted to sites like YouTube and GrassrootsTV where they can be viewed anytime in the future.  Like the show we filmed with Mandolin Orange that has close to 100,000 views.  

Right after the live music about 8:30pm, we will be streaming a fantastic live show with the amazinly talented Willy Porter.  I have loved Willy’s guitar playing and live performances for over a decade and he remains near the very top of my favorite musicians that have played the shop ever.  One of our favorite performers and a great friend.  I even sold him a guitar so you know how deep my affection is for this incredible person.  Willy is a truly unique and mesmerizing player who has big fans like Tori Amos and Jethro Tull.  And me, too. The show we are streaming was filmed on a special night with an HD camera so you can get a good idea of how sweet our recorded shows can be.  Check it out along with other cool shows at

Once again, we could not start this brand new “Streamin’ Steve’s” project without the help of so many friends and fans.  Your help is greatly appreciated and I really hope you enjoy the streaming while isolated in your homes.  I am trying hard to have hope and faith that the live music will return as strong as what we enjoyed for years.  I suspect you are doing the same. Meanwhile please tune in tonight and give our new stream a try.  It’s the best I can do under the circumstance for our 979th Consecutive Friday Night.  The Streak is alive and weird but it’s way better than nothing.  And, if you can tune in, let us know what you think.  Here we go into a new world of live music in the old music room.  Why not, right?  See us in our streams.

You should be able to get the stream from or this other link  Let me know if it works for you.  Enjoy!FRIDAY NIGHT – APRIL 24TH – STREAMIN’ STEVE’S TEST STREAM – LOCAL SINGER/SONGWRITERS – BRADMAN MANOSEVITZ & JEREMY ISENHART – 7:30PM – and NIGHT – APRIL 24TH – STREAM OF OUR LIVE SHOW WITH THE AMAZING WILLY PORTER – 8:30PM –

Once again, our great appreciation and many thanks go out to the following fans and sponsors of our live music.  Streamin’ Steve’s has started this week with the help and support of the following fans listed below.  We are so very close to our dream budget and have only one more HD camera to install behind the stage to record our enthusiastic audiences and my beautiful hanging guitars.  Thanks to local friends and big music fans, Tom Berthiaume and Cherryl Kachenmeister we have a $1,000 matching grant that will raise another $1,000 and bring us very close to our dream fundraising goal.  What a village!

* 1st Bank of Carbondale * GrassRootsTV * Steve’s Guitars *  Amore Realty: Lynn Kirchner * Cathy Young – Purvis Family Matching Grant * John Jaggers * Donna Riley * Douglas MacLean * Sarah O’Gara * Peter Gilbert * * John Masters * Owen Hutchenson * Sarah Kleinheber * Mark & Peggy Chain * Bear & Poppy * Georgia Chamberlain * Richard Sells * Paul Perry * Ken Wise * Howard Freeman * Jeff Dickenson * Ben Bohmfalk * Reid Haughey * Susan Drinker * Sloan Shoemaker * Hollis & Charle Sutherland * Barbara Reid & David Hyman * Mike & Linda Keefe * John Rehl * Kim Burns * George Wear * George & Emily Bohmfalk * Bob Schultz * Bill and Jane Mitchell * Malcolm McMichael * Anne Gonzalez * Mel Blumenthal * Stephen Libera * Laura Bond * Anita & Nathan Weedmark * Ronald Phaneuf * Rick Blauvelt * Ed Holub * Jeff Wadley * Robert Comey * Steve Tullar * Fred Malo * Marty Silverstein * Brion After * Tyler Stableford * Jenell Hilderbrand * Marjorie DeLuca * Carolyn & Marty Manosevitz * Larry Gottlieb * Peter Davidoff * Bob Hess 

See you in Streamland. 

Musically and Gratefully Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon