*** Streamin’ Steve’s 7th Live Streaming Show Featuring The Birds of Play and Jeremy Facknitz ***

Live Music Fans, 

It’s been over three months since we were able to present a touring act in the little old room.  But, that ends this week with two touring acts who were passing by.  In these lonely months of isolation, we have been so fortunate to have such a talented group of local players that have filled the stage every week with beautiful live music.  And, it has always been great to present talented musicians on tour. So, that makes us happy to announce that touring acts are finding their way back to historic, downtown Carbondale.  

The Birds of Play have strong local ties to the valley and they have made some excellent original live music for us in previous shows.  And to open the night, we booked a talented singer/songwriter, Jeremy Facknitz, who is an award winning singer/songwriter with some gorgeous original tunes.  A perfect booking for our grand re-opening of the stage to touring musicians.  

Enjoy the streams. 

FRIDAY NIGHT STREAMIN’ STEVE’S WITH THE BIRDS OF PLAY – OPENING SET WITH JEREMY FACKNITZ – 7:30PM – www.grassrootstv.org to see the stream www.birdsofplaymusic.com www.jeremyfacknitz.com

www.grassrootstv.org or www.youtube.com.



“Alex is a Southern Colorado based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a playful, insightful approach to music and composition. Born and raised in Colorado, his musical stylings reflect his approach to living a vibrant, positively silly life. His musical journey began at a young age with an utter disdain for piano lessons and wasn�t fully embraced until age 13 when he asked his dad for a guitar. The two immediately hopped in the car and drove to a local music store in Littleton, CO, with no way to know how substantially that first guitar would shift his path toward a life of poverty and idealism.  He�s been performing solo and with a number of band projects throughout the greater Rocky Mountain region for the last decade.

With a diverse repertoire of original material and a contagious energy to his live performance, Alex will bring you into his musical world for as long as you�d like to attend.  He also likes soup and could talk, or not talk, for hours.


Eric grew up in Northern Idaho, where he attended the University of Idaho School of Music as a percussion and guitar major.  It was there he honed his musicality by participating in just about every ensemble that he could fit into his schedule, from Orchestra to Jazz Choir to Percussion Ensemble.  After sneaking out of school with a degree in General Studies, Eric put music on a side burner to pursue his passion for the outdoors, a path that has led him through being a river guide, ski patroller, wilderness therapy guide and general ski bum.

But that side burner kept on burning, with Eric playing and singing around many a campfire, to the joy and surprise of his river guests.  More recently, Eric decided to shift the focus back to music and started up Birds of Play, a project with his longtime friend Alex Paul.  They met in Durango around five years ago and decided now that they live ten hours apart, what better time to start a collaboration?


Playing music in a social setting began on a soccer field in Carbondale, CO on the CRMS campus to the sound of pounding hand drums.  Along with djembe, Jack started playing guitar in high school, learning from peers and teachers and anyone else who would show him a new chord or lick.  Attending Colorado College proved to be a natural extension of this musical journey. At CC Jack minored in music, took private guitar lessons, and played in several bands including The Nomadic Bastards, Suspiciously Crispy, and The Dudes of Brohan.  Since moving to Jackson, WY in 2012, Jack has been a member of the funk outfit Sneaky Pete & The Secret Weapons.

Alex and Jack have been playing music for years. From the campfires of the Utah desert to the hostels of Argentina, Jack and Alex have shared a special musical compatibility.  Once described as �a blossoming bromance,� Alex and Jack�s music has been central to how they interact with and understand one another. Jack had the privilege of playing with Eric Shedd around a campfire at Alex�s birthday soiree two falls ago. It was around that fire, somewhere deep in a canyon on the Colorado Plateau, the Birds of Play were born.”

JEREMY FACKNITZ OPENING SET AT 7:30PM – www.jeremyfacknitz.com

“In previous albums, Facknitz tried to preserve a power-pop aesthetic that kept his music from being pegged in acoustic lyricist categories. This impressive new album adds layers of instrumentation and polished arrangements, giving tracks the feel of Nick Lowe, Andrew Bird, or even John Darnielle. When an album confronts grief of all sorts and opens with two songs about suicide, it takes careful footwork to prevent a dirge-like ambience. Facknitz proves his transcendence in songs like �Ballet of an Unhatched Chick,� and adds his crowd-pleaser �Love So Big� to make sure everyone goes home happy.” – Loring Wirbel, CSindy

“Jeremy’s latest record [From Those Sweet Ashes] gets right to the point… great lyrics, great melody, and fascinating production that demands your attention. A lot of heart, mind, and skill went into this.” – Fran Snyder, Listening Room Network

“… a native of Detroit, Facknitz enjoys the claim to fame of having beaten out the White Stripes for �Best Alternative Band� at the Detroit music awards in 2001. It�s no surprise either�his music has loads of catchy melodies and rhythmic drive… But what really sets Facknitz apart is his incredibly original lyricism and sense of humor, blended with his own folky, feel-good style.”  – Ron Logan, 40 oz robot   

“Jeremy Facknitz is a one-man acoustic act with the panache needed to become a star, armed with a melodic voice and a truckload of charisma…”  – Sydney Hamilton, Colorado Springs Independent   

“Jeremy Facknitz is like a singer/songwriter who has been bitten by a radioactive rock star.”  – Charlie Milo, The Charlie Milo Trio 

Thanks again to everyone who has donated to making Streamin’ Steve’s a reality.  We hope you are enjoying the live music while in the comfort of your safe home.  Special thanks to our kind Aspen landlord, Anthony “Tony” Mazza and his staff who have been of great help with the streaming effort and staying in business through these strange times.  And, more thanks to Tom and Cheryl who generously donated a $1,000 matching grant that was just fully matched by more local patrons of our art.  We appreciate all your love and support to keep Steve’s going strong.

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Musically Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon