*** Streamin’ Steve’s 11th Live Streaming Show ***

Live Music Fans, 

It was just a couple of decades ago that I had an idea to create a music fest that featured ONLY local acts.  All along, we continued to book all kinds of touring acts in the old shop and in town but this fest was reserved for local musicians.  Over the decades, the annual celebration of our continually vibrant local music scene has taken many forms.  For several years, we partnered with the Town of Carbondale to create the very popular Music & Lobster Fest.  Each year brings something different.  We even had Carnival Rides one year across from the Town Hall and I got to work with real “Carnies”. But, this year’s fest takes the cake for being different.

In the midst of this Covid-19 crisis, we have been laying low at the shop and just putting on safe live streams.  All of our outdoor music events have been cancelled, just like the live music in Sopris Park for Mtn. Fair and our annual Second Sunday shows.  Let’s hope that they are just being postponed and we can get back to making original live music happen in town.  Safely outside.

Making live music in the vacant lot (Christmas Tree Park) is happening thanks to the new owners who are sharing the long-time, empty space with locals for a special First Friday.  So, that’s why this First Friday Night in historic downtown Carbondale is so special.  It will feel good to make live music happen for the town again outside. And, all while making it safe for the passing fans and musicians.  No one except for the musicians and staff will be allowed inside the fence on Main Street.  Once again, the fest will give a sweet sound track to the First Friday of the summer.  

Another new part of this years annual festival comes from GrassRootsTV who will be live streaming the 6pm to 8pm celebration.  This is a very cool improvement and its great to be able to live stream outside of the liitle room at the shop.  Check out the live original music at home (or any nearby computer with wi-fi) by going to www.grassrootstv.org.  

See you in person on Main Street.  From a safe distance of course.  Too early for hugs.  

Stay sane, positive and safe.  

See you in the streams and/or on Main Street.



This long time annual music fest has featured all kinds of local acts over the decades.  And, another special part of this annual fest is that every musician has volunteered their musical services to the celebration of our local music scene.  That continues to be the same for this years fest.  We are really pleased to get three of our favorite local acts to play this year.  Wes has been playing the shop for years and he has some cool original songs and will warm up the little park nicely.  He will be followed by one of our new favorite local bands, Feeding Giants.  Kevin has been a long time worker in the music world at Glenwood Music and his trio has played all kinds of local venues.  They will make a beautiful, powerful sound for Main Street.  And a good intro to our house band, Let Them Roar.

LTR has been making their live music in the shop for years and we are so glad to have them headline this years fest.  During the crisis, they have been making a cool streaming fest about songwriting and sharing original music on Tuesday Nights.  That happens also to be one of our long time goals and we are so glad to present these acts and their original songs for you.  Come out and check out the scene or stay home and watch the live stream.  Strange new days in the old hood.  


ABOUT LET THEM ROAR – Vocals / Olivia Pevec – Vocals, Guitar / Sophia Clark – Vocals, Guitar / Mateo Sandate – Vocals, Bass / Ashton Taufer

“Carbondale, Colorado�s LET THEM ROAR is a powerful, genre-defying band that weaves a tapestry of mountain folk from threads of tradition, inspired by the beauty of their home in the Elk Mountains of Western Colorado. For the last 10 years, this group of talented friends has been pushing creative boundaries while growing into their mission and purpose: to be in service to the power of music to heal, connect, and inspire audiences. LET THEM ROAR thrives on festival stages, in small theaters, and at the center of dance parties. Their songwriting and projects are rooted in community.  In 2019, LET THEM ROAR�s �I See My Light� tour raised $15,000 to donate to movements for justice for immigrants in Colorado. They host community choirs who become part of their shows, slow-tour the state supporting social justice initiatives, and write socially and spiritually conscious music that invites listeners into a moving and celebratory experience. They are currently recording a studio album with three-time Grammy winner Tom Wasinger, featuring special guest musicians from across the state.

LET THEM ROAR�s sound is defined by the lush harmonies created by Olivia Pevec�s soaring powerhouse vocals in tandem with Sophia Clark�s clear and dynamic ones, threaded with Mateo Sandate�s masterfully expressive guitar, and grounded by the strength and playful adaptability of Ashton Taufer on the bass. Their fans describe their songwriting as �heartfelt, with a hand on the pulse of things that matter� and their performances as �high energy�delivering a unified & driven sound.�    LET THEM ROAR has performed in premiere venues and festivals throughout Colorado and has supported bands such as Elephant Revival, SHEL, Dustbowl Revival, Front Country, Pato Bantan and the Now Generation, Paper Bird, The Shook Twins, Hit & Run Bluegrass and more.

LET THEM ROAR from the Mountains -LET THEM ROAR with Joy – LET THEM ROAR for Love”


“Feeding Giants is the little country/rock band with a surprisingly big sound. This acoustic trio performs covers as well as many originals ranging in style from Classic Country, Classic Rock, Indi Folk Rock and Americana.With their acoustic melodies, smooth sweet harmonies, toe tapping beats and unique sound, Feeding Giants brings a fun, intense yet relaxing musical experience to delight the heart and feed the soul. Feeding Giants is available to play Weddings, Corporate Events, House Concerts, Private Parties and any other reason to Celebrate Life! They are the perfect little band for small intimate venues but don’t let their size fool you! Feeding Giants is just as comfortable playing a crowd of a 10 as they are a full house!”


“Wes is a long time local singer/songwriter/guitarist who has been sharing his cool original songs in the shop for years.  And, you may have heard him play around town for the Mt. Sopris Fest, 5Point Film Fest and many other venues like the opening of The Way Home. He is a devoted songwriter and performer who puts on a powerful show way beyond his years.  Check him out.  Here are some words from a newspaper article about him ust after his time at Roaring Fork High School.

“I started playing guitar about five years ago and writing my own stuff maybe two years ago. I tried the cello, too, but I’ve been leaning more toward the guitar, and I’ve been performing around town a bit. I sing, too. I’m starting to branch out a bit, but main influences are probably Shakey Graves, the Wood Brothers, the Revivalists � kind of that singer songwriter aspect.”

And we want to thank the latest sponsors of our streams. *Michael Hassig * Mindi Harmon * John Rehl * John Sommers  * Dave Blackburn * Daniel Mooney.  It’s been wonderful to see donations still coming to the ongoing project with each live stream.  That gives us hope that we can sustain Streamin’ Steve’s and continue to make it better.  I hope you are enjoying the live music in the comfort of your homes while we wait for it to feel safe for hosting audiences.  Patience is a virtue.  And a giant pain in the ass sometimes, like now.  Until then, we will keep the streams coming thanks to your support and well wishes.  Please keep them coming our way.  

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Musically Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon