*** Streamin’ Steve’s 51st Live Streaming Show ***

Live Music Fans,

Jimmy, Ted and Brett have made live music happen in the little room many times in past years.  Ted and Hell Roaring still holds the longest set record in our long history.  We started making live music happen a couple of decades ago in order to provide a supportive venue for local players like this trio of talented musicians. And, we have had Jimmy play St. Pat shows before.  I loved the show he did with his multi talented father.  Musical talent certainly runs in the genes in the Byrne family.  Tune in for a special mid-week show on this special night.  I’ve lived in a very Irish family for over 40 years and me and Mary Margaret Suasn O’Gara and Shannon will enjoy the Irish music at home.  We hope you do the same.  Jimmy puts on a great show on this holy night. 


“Jimmy presents his St. Patrick’s Day Celebration show on the “high holy day”, itself!

As a third-generation, Irish-American entertainer, Jimmy will perform time-honored Irish ballads, Irish sing-alongs, rollicking pub songs and a couple Irish-American originals.”

“This will be a FUN show with a diversity of Irish songs and medleys like no one has ever heard around here!  

Jimmy has lived in Carbondale since 2003, but every St. Patrick’s Day Season he goes back east to tour his solo Irish show and perform with family members.  But this year, since New Jersey entertainment venues are shut down, he will be in the valley to celebrate and sing for St. Patrick’s Day!”

“Jimmy offers a one-man-show where he sings, plays piano, guitar and other odds and ends.  For the Streamin’ at Steve’s show, he will also be joined by Ted Frisbie (Mandolin, guitar and vocals) and Brett Nelson (bass and vocals), both of the “Hell Roaring String Band”.  About ten years ago, the three performed together as “The Public House”.

“Jimmy Byrne has been a fixture in the valley as a piano and guitar teacher for nearly twenty years.  And for many years, he has led the music for Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist (truu.org).  Here in the Valley, he may not be known as an Irish tenor, but he’s been a part of Irish-American Entertainment in New Jersey since he was four years-old.  That’s when he first sang for a giant audience at his father’s famous Jimmy Byrne’s Sea Girt Inn.  The legendary night club of the Jersey Shore would shut downfor the winter, and then open up for Saint Patrick’s Day to the tune of two thousand Irish-American revelers.  Jimmy’s grandfather played a screaming Irish fiddle while his dad led “Jimmy Byrne and the Bros.” from the piano.  Jimmy’s been hooked on Irish songs ever since.   Along with his own influences and originals, he offers many rousing renditions of famous Irish songs which is a trademark of the Byrne family of entertainers.”

Stay positive and continue to test negative.  

Musically Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon

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