*** Streamin’ Steve’s 58th Live Streaming Show ***

Live Music Fans,

It’s another Friday Night in the ancient music room of the old Dinkel Building without a packed house of enthusiastic fans.  I miss the old nights when we were able to fill the old room, for sure.  But, it seems possible in the coming months to safely have a live audience again.  We are working on the idea of hosting you all again in these still Covid times.  Please let us know if you are up for attending a show again.  We welcome your opinions on this next new step in these scary, paranoid times.  Meanwhile, please tune into Steamin’ Steve’s at GrassrootsTV and enjoy the last show of the first year of our live streaming shows.  Amazing that it has been a year already without “normal” shows in the shop.  Can’t wait to change that in the coming months.

FRIDAY NIGHT – APRIL 30TH – THE RED HILL ROLLERS – 7:30PM – www.grassrootstv.org

“The Red Hill Rollers (Logan Fletcher, Delaney Meyers and Jeanette Adams) are a bluegrass and folk group made up of three voices and  fourteen strings. Based in Carbondale, Colorado they derive their name from a local landmark and their sound from the community at large. Introspective lyrics, vocal harmonies and varying instrumental leads are the name of the game.”


Musically Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon

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Join the live stream on www.grassrootstv.org and remember you can donate some support to the musicians to help keep them alive during these challenging times.  It’s all we have right now and it’s way better than nothing.  Don’t you think?  Hope so. We remain patiently waiting for it to feel safe for hosting audiences like for over 20 years before.  Until then, we will keep the streams coming thanks to your support and well wishes.  Please keep them coming our way.  Continued thanks to our many sponsors listed partially below who have made the streams happen in this time living with Covid-19.  Be well!

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