Wednesday Night with the Deer and Mimi Naja of Fruition – Friday Night with Miss Tess and the Talk Backs – Dandelion Days Farmers Night Out on Friday

Live Music Fans,

This week, the little room of wonders is hosting four entertaining events lined up just for your pleasure.  It starts tomorrow night with one of our favorite touring acts, bringing their very cool psychedelic folk rock back to the room from Austin.  And, this visit they have a special opening act with Mimi Naja of Fruition.  Then, a couple days later on Friday Night we are hosting the first Farmers Night Out to open up the Dandelion Day celebrations for this year.  Followed by a full day of environmental education, live music and much more in Sopris Park on the 12th.

Then, on Friday Night about 8:30pm, following the Farmers event, we will host a very cool touring act with a fantastic original sound.  So, there are just a few more options for you in this action packed valley.  The dandelions are in full bloom up the crystal just in time for the weekend “holiday”.  Time to remember Carbondale’s official “flower” and rejoice in her return.

See you at the shows!!


Ever since we started making live music happen in our little byob room, we have always loved hearing original songs played live by the writers.  My true love is original music done right in the room.  And that’s what we have coming with The Deer and Mimi Naja. We have had a blast hearing this band in the shop and Sopris Park and look forward to hearing them once again.

“Described as transcendental Texas folk, Cosmic Americana, and stargaze surf-western, The Deer weave psychotropic soundscapes and tranquil, vivid dream-pop. From Austin, they are borne of a densely creative atmosphere, and stand out with their versatile and accessible sound. Members include frontwoman Grace Rowland Park (The Blue Hit), upright bassist Jesse Dalton (MilkDrive, Green Mountain Grass), guitarist Michael McLeod (Good Field, Linklater film composer), drummer Alan Eckert (Dimitris Ascent, A Live One), and their newest member, string player Noah Jeffries (MilkDrive, South Austin Jug Band). Frequent collaborator Roger Sellers (Bayonne) also adds some of his touch to their songwriting and production.”

A few years back, we had Fruition play the little room and loved their music.  Their talented lead lady, Mimi Naja (vocals, mandolin, electric & acoustic guitar) has her own solo side project that we get to enjoy as a musical bonus for the night.  The band is now on their fifth full-length album, Watching It All Fall Apart, where the band “transforms pain and heartache into something truly glorious. With their songwriting sharper and more nuanced than ever before—and their sonic palette more daringly expansive—the Portland, Oregon-based band’s full-hearted intensity ultimately gives the album a transcendent power.”


I remember in the early 1980’s when my old office next to the Village Smithy hosted the first meetings of the newly created Carbondale Environmental Board.  This group later became part of the Town’s official groups and has helped the local natural environment in many ways since then.  One way was to create an annual celebration of the environment in Sopris Park and other venues in town; like Steve’s Guitars.  For this year, we are glad to provide the space for a new event  “hosting local farmers for discussions on backyard chickens, composting, small garden, water collection, herbal tinctures and more while giving the community an opportunity to connect with the local food movement.”  Come on out for this free event and you might meet one of your local farmers.  Or even become one!


Miss Tess got her musical start at home in Maryland, her childhood nights ending in music. Her parents would sing her to sleep with the gentle, tender sounds of American folk songs, occasionally interrupted by their 30s swing band rehearsing in the basement. Tess studied piano as a child, and continued on as a teenager to take up the guitar and singing, and eventually began her own studies in early jazz and blues. All grown up and currently living in Nashville, Miss Tess and her band regularly steal the show at venues with something a little rowdier and more eclectic. Infused with classic country and honky-tonk, southern rhythm & blues, New Orleans jazz and swing, and sounds of swamp pop and early rock n’ roll, she is an embodiment of everything that it still home-grown in America.

On her newest release Baby, We All Know, Miss Tess continues to explore her own personal crossroads of American roots music. This full-length release features eleven finely crafted and well-sung original songs. Heightened by Tess’ prowess on her Weymann archtop guitar, she is accompanied by top-notch musicians, featuring her touring guitar player ace and co-conspirator Thomas Bryan Eaton. The songs were further enlivened with piano, organ, pedal steel, and fiddle in the studio.

Tess says “I consider this my best yet collection of original music. In writing these tunes I stepped out of myself and into many different characters, based on real life and my imagination, and pulled sounds and stories from my musical fantasy land. Baby, we all know their secrets and on goings, in a world of mischief and fun.” These songs were penned at Tess’s yearly writing retreat in New Hampshire, and at her home in Nashville. Yet time and place don’t bear much relevance here; the subjects she speaks through live in the streets of New Orleans, in the backwoods hollers of Tennessee, on a train heading to Mexico, and under the sheets.

Miss Tess has been releasing albums and leading a band for over a decade, spanning her career over many different cities including Baltimore, Boston, NYC, and her new home base of Nashville, TN. Straddling her move from New York to Nashville, the new album was recorded in both cities. The recording cast includes her steady band mate and co-producer, Thomas Bryan Eaton, producer Dan Knobler (Rodney Crowell, Tift Merritt), Robin Macmillan, Jake Silver (Lee Fields), Roy Williams, Stefan Zenuik, Eric Frey (The Revelers), Dominic Billet (Andrew Combs), Kai Welch, John Pahmer, Aaron Shaffer-Haiss, Oliver Craven (The Stray Birds), Maya De Vitry (The Stray Birds) and Caitlin Canty.

A follow up to 2012’s Sweet Talk and 2013’s The Love I Have for You, both released on Signature Sounds Recordings, Baby, We All Know was released independently and received accolades in the press as well as reaching the Top 20 in AMA Radio Charts and being included in the top 100 albums of the year for 2016.

“Miss Tess renders original songs with a self-possession and naturalness that heralds one of the most enjoyable albums this year.” –Downbeat

“An amalgamation of country-blues music with influences from artists both old and new, Baby, We All Know is decidedly old school. Miss Tess & The Talkbacks have truly crafted a winner.” –Paste

As she expands and grows more into her own sound, Tess is still hard to categorize. She says “Many times after the show somebody will come up to compliment the band and ask me what kind of music we just played. After mumbling through a few different genres I usually just tell them it’s my music and hope they enjoyed the show”. Enjoyable is just what her music is, propelled by the classic quality of Tess’s vocals, compelling and totally believable. The production throughout is the right balance of punch and rhythm, without getting in the way of the vocals or songwriting, giving this collection of songs a plentiful dose of old-school swagger. Time after time, Miss Tess is able to utilize sounds and styles from a past era combined with modern sensibilities to present an authentic and engaging presence.

Well, there’s the scoop on this weeks entertainment options in the coolest little byob music venue in these parts.  Come on out and enjoy the fun with us.  Why not give it a try?

Musically Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon