Let Them Roar on Friday Night – Saturday Night Tribute to Russell Hedman

Live Music Fans,

This weekend, we have two nights of excellent entertainment lined up for you.  Our consecutive Friday Night Streak continues on a beautiful note with our house band who are sounding sweeter every show.  And, it’s a special tribute night on Saturday with a celebration of the life of Russell Hedman organized by his daughter, longtime local Julia Hedman.  Jimmy Dykann is organizing the live music for the night which should be great.

FRIDAY NIGHT – DECEMBER 14TH – LET THEM ROAR – 8:30PM – www.letthemroar.com

We are always happy to hear our official house band in the little room and this week they are coming back to the stage because of a special request from a big fan.  Their last performance was gorgeous with sweet harmonies and impressive string work.  This quartet has developed into one of the best local acts.  Come check them out and give them some love and support of their original music.  You are sure to become another local fan.  Here are some words from their website.  As always, the music sounds better in person.  Come on out!

“Carbondale, Colorado’s LET THEM ROAR is a band much like a stream rising from the rocky mountains – woven of strong currents, flowing towards the direction of truth, and brought together by an inspired sense of purpose. A band that brings their hearts to the stage and shares the meaning and purpose of their lives through their original music, LTR weaves a tapestry of transcendental folk from threads of tradition.  Each member honors their history while pushing their creative boundaries. It’s the expression of a group close in friendship, and who have played together in various forms for nearly a decade.

Dual lead vocals feature soaring, powerhouse singer Olivia Pevec and the sweet and fierce dynamics of Sophia Clark (also on acoustic guitar). Their harmonies hypnotize and command awe, and have been compared to First-Aid Kit, Girly Man, & Gillian Welch with David Rawlings. Lead guitarist Mateo Sandate is an imaginative-mastermind exploring sounds, textures, and loops like Bill Frisell and solos akin to Pat Metheny; and Ashton Taufer on acoustic bass supports the sonic pallet and groove with finesse reminiscent of a young Charlie Haden. This dynamic group enjoys bringing an intimate acoustic experience, and is equally at home putting together electric 11-piece bands for a dance party that spills onto the street.

LET THEM ROAR is more than a band. They are inspiring change from within one’s self, as well as in the community, and remind us that we are all valuable, we all have dignity, and we are empowered to make the change we desire to see in this world.  They speak their truth on stage and off.  LET THEM ROAR has frequently performed in support of the immigrant rights movement and protection of wild lands from oil & gas development in Colorado.  Congregations supporting movements vital to our human rights have also featured their music in churches and spiritual services across the state. LET THEM ROAR believes in supporting movements that honor the earth and its people from the ground up. They are doing this one show and one song at a time.

LET THEM ROAR has a live album and three studio EP’s. Their song “We Are Not The Broken Ones” off of TRIAD EP was featured on the May 2018 Relix CD sampler. They have performed in premiere venues and festivals throughout Colorado and have supported bands such as Elephant Revival, SHEL, Pato Bantan and the Now Generation, Tab Benoit, Paper Bird, The Shook Twins, Band of Heathens, Hit & Run Bluegrass, The Samples and more.

LET THEM ROAR from the Mountains  LET THEM ROAR with Joy  LET THEM ROAR for Love

Vocals / Olivia Pevec

Vocals, Guitar / Sophia Clark

Vocals, Guitar / Mateo Sandate

Vocals, Bass / Ashton Taufer


We knew Russell for years both hearing him play his fiddle and enjoying some wonderful live music with us.  He was a huge fan of live music and he loved to play even more.  We were all sad to hear of his passing and it still does not seem real that he is gone.  It will be a heart warming and tear jerking night for sure.  One that Russell would have loved to come to.  I know he will be there in spirit and will be loving some sweet live music made by his friends and family in his honor.  Here is some words from an old buddy, Jimmy Dykann.  Expect some wonderful music along with some old stories.  I’ve got a good one.

“Memories of a Treasured Friend

I first got to know Russell Hedman by way of the group Liberty. He was renting a room in cabin a few hay fields out of the town of Basalt where some members of the band lived and the group practiced. At that time I was sharing a railroad clapboard house with some musical friends perched on the hillside above the 2 bars,  Janey’s Cafe, the Western Auto and the 1 pump Fina gas station, that made up the bulk of Basalt at that time. The house faced south and was awash with sunshine in the mornings and we often had impromptu jam sessions over coffee and smoke. Ken Thomas, a member of the group Goldrush and the Wells Bros., a guitar/banjo Kentucky Whiskey drinking duo, were roommates at the time.  The music could be heard down in town, so it wasn’t unusual to have players and longhaired hippie types make their way up the rickety wooden stairs to see what was going on. One afternoon an older guy, probably mid-30’s, and as we were early/mid twenty’s he seemed ancient, with shoulder length hair under a 40’s style dress hat was making his way up the stairway with instruments under his arms.  “Can I join you boys?” he said when he reached the top. That was Russell. An unassuming, open hearted, steady eyed guy, ready for any adventure that showed promise of a good time with wine, women, good food, friends and music.

We later became good friends during road trips to Paonia and Crafword, Austin Texas and California. One summer we lived in our cars camping up and down the Frying Pan Valley. At that time, pre-Gold Medal Waters, the trout catch limit was 10, and we fished most days and ate trout… breakfast, lunch and dinner. Russell was years my elder, and had travelled to exotic places, so he had recipes for preparing trout from his time in France and other culinary capitals. We enjoyed many evenings playing music and sipping his brandy before retiring to our automobile abodes. Russell, older gentleman, cool guy that we was, had a big Dodge Wagon with a bed, patchwork down quilt spread, dresser/mirror, stove and wash basin ; I crawled into a sleeping bag on the frayed back seat of my dodge dart.

Russell got me interested in old timey music. One day he came by and laid on me the news that Danny Wheatman was teaching a fiddle class at the Liberty house. All girls!  He got me a fiddle from somewhere and we joined in. Me and Russell and a roomful of girls playing Soldiers Joy!!  Later, when the word got out ,and every guy in town was suddenly interested in playing fiddle, Danny lost interest and the whole thing fizzled out.

Russell was a giver of himself and his time and a true companion. One of my favorite memories and photos, is he and our oldest son, Russell, when he was about 10 years old, riding in  “big” Russell’s convertible Fiat. Big Russell and Little Russell, sporting riding caps and big teeth filled grins, racing down Emma Road!

Russell Hedman was and remains an inseparable part of the quality of our lives.  We miss him, but I also don’t feel like he’s ever to far away!  Hasta Luago, Amigo  ( till we meet again, friend )”.

Hope to see you out on the town enjoying some gorgeous live music and the celebration of Russ.

Musically Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon