Friday Night with Meadow Mountain | Sunday Night Bluegrass Jam

Live Music Fans,

Things are starting to heat up around the neighborhood in many ways. The green leaves are back and Spring is in full force.  Which has also stimulated a big increase in the number and quality of touring acts and local musicians coming out of their Winter lairs.  This Spring brings even more musical talent to the valley and even more live music venues to hear quality acts.  Like the Temporary in Willits, the Marble Distillery on Main Street and more live music to come at the in-progress expansion of the Beat down near the roundabout.  Great to see!

This week, we have two excellent nights of live music planned for the little room of wonders.  On FridayNight, we are hosting an award winning acoustic string band who won the prestegious Rocky Grass Band Competition; no easy feat.  Should sound wonderful in the little listening room.  Then, on Sunday Night we host the twice monthly Bluegrass Jam.  Come on out when the mood strikes you and the stars are aligned just right.  Why not?

See you at the shows!


We have an ideal room to hear acoustic string instruments and vocal harmonies so this band is the perfect choice for our Friday Night show.  The Streak continues in fine fashion for another week.  Must be around 900 in a row by now.  Might have to count it again just for history’s sake.  Mine that is.  So sweet to keep the Streak going with a great band.  Come on out and celebrate another Friday with us. Here’s some words out of their website which has some excellent videos that will give you a great idea of their music.  But be aware, they will sound at least twice as good in the little room.

“Meadow   Mountain   started   as   a   group   of   friends   busking   on   the   corner   of   the   Vail   farmers market,   and   it   wasn’t   long   before   they   were   playing   gigs   around   Vail   and   Summit   counties.   They formed   initially   over   a   love   of   traditional   and   progressive   bluegrass   music.   For   the   first   summer of   the   band’s   existence,   they   learned   as   much   bluegrass   music   as   they   could,   digging   into bands   like   The   Punch   Brothers,   Bluegrass   Album   Band,   and   Bela   Fleck’s   Drive   band.”

“It   was   only   a   year   after   the   band   formed   that   they   were   hired   to   be   the   house   band   aboard   the cruise   ship,   “The   Norwegian   Dawn”.   There,   the   band   spent   a   month   tightening   up   their   sound and   exploring   the   eastern   coast   of   Canada.   Since   their   return,   they   have   become   one   of   the premier   voices   in   Colorado   Bluegrass   music.   The   band   has   given   a   TED   talk,   hosted   Denver’s only   performance   jam,   and   won   the   prestigious   Rockygrass   band   competition.   Other   notable achievements   include   1st   place   at   the   2017   Ullrgrass   band   competition,   and   3rd   place   at   the 2017   Telluride   bluegrass   competition.   They   live   in   Denver,   CO.”

“Meadow Mountain is on the forefront of a  musical movement in Colorado. It is a movement born from a desire to understand one’s roots – to understand why one makes the music that they make. This band is comprised of 5 best friends, who, with their feet placed firmly on Rocky Mountain soil, look attentively towards the Blue Ridge Mountains and the rich tradition of Bluegrass music there. They explore traditions of Swedish fiddle music, Acoustic Jazz, Old-time, and Classical, and their original music is steeped in heartbreak and mountain breezes. You will hear intricately arranged, soaring instrumentals. You will hear hard-driving, traditional Bluegrass music. Most importantly, however, you will hear five best friends play a music that is much larger than the sum of it’s parts.  ”


Every first and fourth Sunday of the month, you have the chance to join in and/or listen to some truly talented local musicians in the room for free.  It’s an amazing bargain and an early evening chance to hear some beautiful live music in the only byob venue around these parts.  And the live music that is created is hardly, strictly bluegrass; they cross many genres depending on the players.  Love the pedal steel and all the acoustic strings.  A wonderful sound.  Come out and see.

Musically Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon