*** Purvis Family Matching Grant ***

Live Music Fans, 

Timing is everything; especially with live music and life.  We are all just a few weeks into this agonizing new isolated world with an uncertain future.  Especially for our little shop of live music.  Since the start of our family business back in 1993, my favorite and most important part of our unique world was to make live music happen.  In the most comfortable and supportive way possible.  And, we have done that every week since I bought Wally’s Music back last century.  It has been fantastic to host amazingly talented musicians from all over the globe in our little room.  I am really hoping hard that we are able to return to those magical performances sooner than later.  

Meanwhile, live streaming of our shows seems to be the best way to keep the live music happening.  Towards that dream, we got a major boost this week from the Purvis Family Matching Grant. This generous matching donation of $2000 will help raise another $2000 towards the overall goal for streaming. We are still several thousand dollars short of our total long term goal with making the streaming happen in full force for 2020 and beyond.  We welcome any support you can give knowing your donation will be doubled by the Purvis Family.  Many thanks to them.

During this crisis with the virus isolating all of us and preventing any public shows, we feel it’s very important to continue making live music in the room and providing a way for everyone to watch at home for free.  We are all stuck in an unprecedented situation that calls for creative solutions to keep bringing the music to you.  “Streamin’ Steve’s” is our best solution at this time.

Live streaming of shows is happening all over the country in many different ways.  The latest effort I heard about was today with an email from our house band, Let Them Roar.  I have included part of their email message befow.  I have also included an inspiring email from the Birds of Chicago who performed in our room a few years back as Po Girl.  Musicians all over the world are coming up with creative new ways to keep the live music flowing which is wonderful and inspiring to see and not easy to achieve.  I have also included two other ideas from Natalia Zukerman (to create a “Shut In and Sing Out” cyber event) and Lipbone Redding who is creating streaming of his shows as well.  Keeping the music train rolling down the tracks.  

There is a growing list of musicians and venues that are providing live music through the internet.  Over the past several years, we have been working with GrassRootsTV to record, archive and broadcast our past shows.  Right this minute, you can go to YouTube.com and check out Season 1; Live on Location at Steve’s Guitars by typing in “Steve’s Guitars Presents.”  And, typing in just “Steve’s Guitars” will get you a bunch of other recorded shows in our little, historic room.  We are really looking forward to hearing the live music again soon and streaming it to you in the safety of your warm and cozy homes.  

Wish us luck! And, support the effort in any way you can.  Which includes watching the free streaming of our new shows and letting us know if you like it.  It feels great to be in the home stretch of our goal of making “Streamin’ Steve’s” a real thing.  I expect the new HD cameras and equipment to be installed in April.  For years, it has been a dream of mine to share the fantastic live music with many more fans than can fit in the room.  And, to prove that point, we have had over 100,000 views of our shows on YouTube; the Mandolin Orange show alone has 93,000 views of a show that had less than 40 fans in the room that night for the live show.  They were the lucky few as there still is nothing like the real live show. Right?

Can’t wait to get back to those nights! But, that is out of our control right now.  So, we will concentrate making the streaming happen as soon as possible until we can return to “normal”.  Hang on for the ride!

And, see you at the shows!  If only on the internet.  Keep safe!

Patiently and Still Musically Yours in Isolation,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon

PS: Listed below are a few ways that folks in the music biz are making the music happen in this new world.  We all want to keep the live music alive.  Help out when you can.  And remember to figure out ways to keep the music going in your lives until we can share it in our amazing little room again.  That’s my idea for now.  See you at the Stream.


“Such interesting times we find ourselves in. None of us have experienced anything like it. Among LTR, we�ve been so moved and excited by how quickly musicians across the world have turned on a dime from all their canceled shows to live streaming shows, teaching online workshops and more. Below are links to some of our favorite quarantine offerings and check out the band journal (blog) for assistance links. We�ve also felt our share of overwhelm feeling out of our technological depth, missing our actual audiences and most of all each other.  It�s been two weeks now since we have gathered in the same physical space. Like the rest of the world we are meeting via Zoom and facetime to keep our recording project moving forward but we haven�t yet found the platform that really allows for playing music together. ” 

“In the van on the way to our first recording session we all agreed that the name of our project is �Constellations�. It is the title of one of our most collaborative songs. It began with an idea Ashton developed digitally and shared with us on a songwriting retreat.  We all contributed to the lyrics and the arrangement and Mateo especially dove in deep with all compositional aspects. This song is tender and challenging and requires everyone to be on their best game.  It�s a wonderful metaphor for our collaboration and for the interconnected nature of all life.  This project has grown directly out of the work we did last year with I See My Light and is a natural continuation as we live into our mission: We believe that music has the power to connect, to heal, and to inspire. We are in service to that power.  Our fundraising efforts have shown us that many many of our fans feel the same.  We reached halfway to our goal, right on schedule, when Covid -19 shut down the US and we stopped our outreach.  This week we decided that we are looking at the new normal for at least another month and that as our country faces a major recession, it�s more important than ever that we do this work and that we ask those who can to help. Are you someone who loves our music? Do you find yourself in a position to help others weather this storm? Your contribution means that we can do the work that is 10 years in development and absolutely ripe. Thank you for your support.”

Stay tuned to our social media feeds to receive invites to the social distancing experiences we are planning including development of a choir, a Zoom Song Circle, community composition projects, live shows from us as solo artists, and videos for your watching delight .

Links to quarantine content we love:

Listen/watch: Front Country (two of the members are married and are making wonderful videos in their home studio, this is a cover of paul Simon�s Boy in a Bubble

Read: An interesting, sobering, and inspirational call to sanity and slowing down at this time and what are the next few stages in a crisis. The author is a wartime/disaster front lines journalist.


Learn: https://www.crowdcast.io/snarkypuppy just a couple more workshops in the series, lots of wisdom from a great band


�hard times ain�t gonna rule my mind�.  Said Gilian Welch.  A great goal don’t you think? 

“Well … not forever anyway…. maybe for a minute.  After our tour with The Wood Brothers was canceled halfway through in Oregon, we got home and watched all of our spring tour dates into June disappear�the indefinite  reality of this thing started to sink in and we… got a little dark there for a minute. We moped. We drank a fair amount of whiskey.and wine. We – well one of us, it doesn�t matter who – may or may not have watched all the seasons of Ozark in 48 hrs� the thing about moping is, as long as you do it for a finite amount of time, it has great physiological and spiritual benefits. We had our little pity funk, and then we came to. We deep cleaned the house, began to homeschool our six year old daughter, we moved our dear sister Yola permanently in and recorded an #inmyroom Rolling Stone Session with her,and our other dear sister and housemate Awna Teixeira.”

“We actually unpacked our suitcases entirely for the first time in 3 years.  It felt good.  We know how extraordinarily blessed we are to have a home and a family to come back to, and to be riding out this quarantine in good health, when so many are suffering terribly…

And we remembered what we�re here to do: write songs and sing them for you. As of this weekend, we are very much back at it.  It�s always been about real connection, and, to make the obvious point, we need connection now more than ever. We will be playing our first full hour live streaming concert on Sunday April 5th at 8pm EST for #theparlorroomhomesessions presented by Signature Sounds, finally, getting our Patreon page up, and exploring new modes of maintaining and growing the community around this music. Alli will also be participating in an #OurNativeDaughters takeover of #shutinandsing, with her sisters, Rhiannon Giddens, Leyla McCalla, and Amythyst Kiah on April 22nd. And today we�ll be making a 20 min cameo appearance (remotely of course) on NorthStar Church of the Arts� and The Pinhook�s �What-The Hell-A-Thon� fundraiser for #durhamartistsrelieffund.

It�s on all of us to keep our lamps trimmed and burning; we are gonna make sure we cover our end of the bargain.  We love each and every one of you truly and powerfully, and while we will keep this remote party line as hot and humming as we can, we certainly won�t take it for granted the next time we get to see your faces again…Stay safe, stay home if you can, till we get on over to the other side of this,   



What if we get to be together even more in these times? Not in person. That is true. But in innovation, creation and connection?

Ours is a small and grassroots community. We take care of each other in the good times and in the challenging times. The online concert world is about to explode with innovation…and with traffic. It already has. What was once a side bonus of some of our “off” days is now the only option available.

We would like to offer you an online festival that is about sharing our resources, sharing our fanbases, discovering new and amazing artists and staying connected to one another.

Shut In And Sing is a roster of some of your favorite artists…and some people you’ve never heard of. Here is your chance to discover new music, to feel connected to one another and to us. What do we get? The possibility of even 5 news fans. Geez, even ONE new person makes a difference in our world. Oh wait. ONE PERSON MAKES A DIFFERENCE?

And we’ve reached the point of everything!

So join us. This is your roster of badass, road-weary, hard-working musicians who’ve been reinventing the wheel every night for decades. Tune in and support us. There is connection to be made in this isolation.

Here’s how it works:

You’ll tune in to Stageit.com 8-10pm EDT on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week and 12-3pm EDT on Sunday. The artists playing on the first 5 shows are listed there already. The second and third waves of shows are still being filled in and trust me, you don’t want to miss any of it! You pay what you can and at the end of the whole thing, we SPLIT the money. Anything you tip to individual artists goes directly to them to keep or donate as they wish but the whole kitty goes to all of us. Is that fair? Is that socialist folk music? Why yes. Yes it is. Some of us have more than others. All of us know it’s time to collaborate and not compete. We will all still play our own individual online shows. This isn’t that. This is bigger than that. 

We may be shut in, but we’re still gonna sing.


March 19, 20, 21 at 8 pm EDT (I am playing the very first set at 8pm EDT on Thursday March 19th!)

March 22 at 12 pm EDT

March 26, 27, 28 at 8 pm EDT

March 29 at 12 pm EDT

April 2, 3, 4 at 8 pm EDT

April 5 at 12 pm EDT 

Amanda Walther � Amy Ray � Amy Speace � Amythyst Kiah � Anne Heaton � Anthony D�Amato � Antje Duvekot � the Ballroom Thieves � Becky Warren � Ben Arthur � Betsy Phillips � Caleb Caudle � Chance McCoy � Chastity Brown � Chely Wright � Dan Navarro � Della Mae � Dylan LeBlanc � Edie Carey � Eliot Bronson � Emily Saliers � Emily Scott Robinson � Erin McKeown � Garrison Starr � Grant-Lee Phillips � Jay Nash � Jill Sobule � Kim Richey � Kirby Brown � Kris Delmhorst � Lisa Ferraro � Lori McKenna � Mark Erelli � Mary Bragg � Matt the Electrician � Meg Toohey � Michaela Anne � Natalie Schlabs � Natalia Zukerman �Nickel&Rose � Nikki Morgan � Oliver the Crow � Rachael Sage � Rachel Baiman � Rissi Palmer � Robby Hecht � Sera Cahoone � Ty Greenstein � Wild Ponies � Wilson Marks and more TBA!



Im safely back in the US and sheltering in place in an undisclosed location in Florida. 

Join my upcoming Livestreams on Facebook  Both are free but donations are greatly appreciated  🙏 ❤️ 

PAYPAL:  paypal.me/LipboneRedding

VENMO: venmo.com/Lipbone-Redding

Stay safe, stay healthy … and namaste 6 feet away!



 SATURDAY NIGHTS @ 6pm Eastern it’s the Lipbone Show —

New songs, crowd favorites & digging deep into the archives

of rarities & unreleased tracks.

 SUNDAY AFTERNOONS @ 4pm Eastern —

Breathe In: Music, Meditation and Nature. 

Calm your mind, ease anxiety and unplug from the chaos — Lipbone will lead you in some breathing exercises, meditation and beautiful music out in a nature setting. 


Spend some intimate screen time with Lipbone and your

personal group of friends/family.

A great way to get together while we

all do our part at staying apart!


“One of the wonderful aspects of attending the International and Regional Folk Alliance gatherings is discovering new talent as well as reconnecting with old friends. 

We are encouraging the artists on the Baker Booking Roster to now, more than ever stay connected with their fan base.  While we are maintaining social distancing there is still the desire to connect.

Periodically, we will be sending you updates on where you can “see” artists on the Baker Booking Roster. We agree that this might not be the best way to see a performer, and some of the performances may be a little more casual than they would be at your venue, but we are marketing these performances as an opportunity to see an artist that you might be on the fence about or unfamiliar with.

We think that it helps to see how the fans connect with the artist during these times and what the artists are bringing to their base. We believe that this will translate to stronger ticket sales at your venues when this epidemic is behind us.

Stay well,

Best regards,

Louise Baker, Owner