More Good News about Streamin’ Steve’s!

Live Music Fans, 

It’s now been over a month since we had to cancel our special two-nights with Yarn; plus many other great nights of live music I had booked.  There I went again trying to plan my musical life, right? It still does not seem right to send out another weekly email out with no fantastic touring acts to announce.  Please remember that we were putting on great acts every week for over 20 straight years so I kind of got in the habit of making the live music happen in downtown Carbondale.  One of my better habits, for sure. So please forgive me with my small whine at this strange time in history.  We have all been affected in so many ways.  Good luck in your new world.  And, wish us luck in ours.  Here comes the next chapter of live music in the historic shop.  

So, where have I been putting all my time and energy recently?  Why by improving everything I can about the shop while it’s closed to public shows, that’s where.  In the last month, we have installed 3 HD cameras in the music room and set up a video recording station upstairs right next to Ralph Pitt who is mixing the live music.  The new video quality is really fantastic and a huge improvement to the old cameras. Partially due to the 3 new digital lights we also just installed that were donated by Mark Burrows.  The stage and room looks better than ever and the live streaming should be of major league quality.  The music room has never looked and sounded better in our history. Can’t wait to share it with you!

Live streaming of our shows has been a long time goal and we just completed our first test for “Streamin’ Steve’s”  this week with local singer/songwriters, Jeremy Isenhart and Brad Manosevitz.  The streaming worked with our current internet speed which is great.  But we want a higher quality of stream so we upgraded our internet speed with Comcast today.  We are planning to do another “dress rehearsal” this coming Friday Night with more live music made by more of our talented local musicians.  Details to follow in another email.  Yea!  It is so sweet to achieve our long time goal of sharing our live music shows with the world.  Here it comes!

We have many people to thank for making this happen.  To begin, this would NOT have happened without the support of GrassrootsTV.  They started the process by loaning us old cameras and equipment to start recording live shows a couple years back.  Upgrading all the cameras and equipment with this fundraiser really surprised and impressed me both by the amount of donations and the speed by which they came.  Thanks to all of you!  We got a big boost from the Purvis Family Matching Grant of $2K that then helped raise another $2K from other sponsors.  Just one great example of how generous our 60+ sponsors have been. And, it inspired Tom Berthiaume and Cherryl Kachenmeister to offer a special $1K match that will raise another $1K in other donations.  Please go to and donate right now and your gift will be doubled by Tom and Cherryl, long time music fans of the shop.  

Our great appreciation and many thanks go out to the following fans and sponsors of our live music.  Streamin’ Steve’s has started this week with the help and support of the following fans listed below.

* 1st Bank of Carbondale * GrassRootsTV * Steve’s Guitars *  Amore Realty: Lynn Kirchner * Cathy Young – Purvis Family Matching Grant * John Jaggers * Donna Riley * Douglas MacLean * Sarah O’Gara * Peter Gilbert * * John Masters * Owen Hutchenson * Sarah Kleinheber * Mark & Peggy Chain * Bear & Poppy * Georgia Chamberlain * Richard Sells * Paul Perry * Ken Wise * Howard Freeman * Jeff Dickenson * Ben Bohmfalk * Reid Haughey * Susan Drinker * Sloan Shoemaker * Hollis & Charle Sutherland * Barbara Reid & David Hyman * Mike & Linda Keefe * John Rehl * Kim Burns * George Wear * George & Emily Bohmfalk * Bob Schultz * Bill and Jane Mitchell * Malcolm McMichael * Anne Gonzalez * Mel Blumenthal * Stephen Libera * Laura Bond * Anita & Nathan Weedmark * Ronald Phaneuf * Rick Blauvelt * Ed Holub * Jeff Wadley * Robert Comey * Steve Tullar * Fred Malo * Marty Silverstein * Brion After * Tyler Stableford * Jenell Hilderbrand * Marjorie DeLuca * Carolyn & Marty Manosevitz * Larry Gottlieb * Peter Davidoff * Bob Hess 

And, special thanks to John Masters & Jeremy Isenhart with GrassrootsTV, our sound engineer, Ralph Pitt and Bradman Manosevitz who got this crazy idea started years ago.  Our live streaming would not have happened without their time, skills and energy.  Please thank them and let us know how you like the live streaming in your isolated homes.  It’s Springtime and hope springs eternal, right? That’s my hope! 

See you in Streamland. 

Musically and Gratefully Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon