Sneaky Pete & the Secret Weapons *** Songwriters in the Round *** Pato in the Park *** AND EVEN MORE UPCOMING SHOWS IN JULY

Live Music Fans,

We hope you got to squeeze into the shop last Friday Night for a heartwarming Finale with Pearl & Wood.  The loving and enthusiastic crowd overflowed from the front room, all standing, to the back room and into the sidewalk and street.  Over the years, the band made lots of friends and fans with their original music and they showed up in force.  And, they were treated to a beautiful 2 hour set that sounded great.  They saved their best show for their last.

Last week, we also had a wonderful show with the talented ladies from Austin of Ley Line.  The room was full once again with music fans who got a great show from this return visit.  Great quartet with gorgeous vocals and beautiful instruments like the talking drum, uke and more.  World folk, they call it.  Something new and sweet for the room.

And, we have some wonderful news for all of you music fans.  The amazing Pato Banton is returning to Carbondale with his Now Generation for a free concert in Sopris Park on July 14th.  Here’s your rare chance to enjoy this fantastic performer and loving spirit of the Reggae universe.  And remember, KDNK will be doing another fantastic live broadcast from the park; just in case you can’t leave the house.

Looking forward to seeing you at the shows enjoying more great live music.  Enjoy the summer!

See you at the shows!!


Here comes another night of excellent songwriters hosted by local singer/songwriter Jackson Emmer.  Past shows in the round have featured up to six local songwriters with one touring artist. This round will feature local songwriters, Sydney Yllanes, Larry Good, Emily Taylor and Mandy Underwood  This time Jackson has the very talented Chris Moyse as the touring songwriter coming to town. This promises to be another early show with some wonderful original live music made right on the spot.  Here’s a few words from the website of Chris.

* Winner of the 2017 Kerrville New Folk Competition *

“Moyse offers up some surprising rhymes which separate me from my own expectations, allowing a clear window into his perspective. Warm, with a tinge of regret, his lyrics are mature and sparkling with nostalgia… His truth is all of our truths.”   –  Flour Sack Cape

Chris Moyse’s new album, Bad Parts EP, is the culmination of his first few years since moving to Nashville. Poignant and diverse, his characters tell the stories of leaving home to find a new life, finding love and losing it, and the common thread of struggling to grow into oneself. It’s both highly personal and relatable. You often times feel like his lyrics are telling your own story.

At times raw and stripped down, the Bad Parts EP doesn’t sound like someone trying to make an Americana album. It doesn’t force itself to be anything in order to fit into a specific genre. Moyse combines the sounds of classic singer-songwriters like Neil Young and Steve Earle with modern folk-rock influences of The Wood Brothers and The Avett Brothers. The record is both musically and sonically dynamic, having been engineered and co-produced by Nashville’s eclectic Randall Kent (Matt Hires, POPFILTER). “I really didn’t even intend to make this record,” says Moyse. “I always loved writing and performing. Fortunately I had a handful of people pushing me to get some recordings done after a little while. Once I put a band together and found a producer I went all in and never thought twice about it. I wish I had done it sooner because I’m really proud of it.”



“Sneaky Pete and the Secret Weapons is a collective of musicians channeling original music through a lens of hazy funk and unending groove, all witnessed and interpreted from the peaks and valleys of the Rocky Mountains. Their genre-blending sound of funk, rock, jazz, and hip-hop moves from the streets of New Orleans to smoky jazz dives, intergalactic spaceships, and late-night laser-filled clubs.”

“Initially drawn to Jackson Hole with a shared passion for skiing and mountains, the group formed in late 2011 when friends Jack Tolan (guitar/vox) and Sam Lowenthal (bass) got together with the vision of “making funk noises,” and featured a rotating cast of ‘Secret Weapons’ playing small gigs in Jackson, WY. With the addition of Bobby Griffith on trumpet, the band had their breakthrough performance on December 21st, 2012, a legendary party known as “the FUNKapocalypse.” By the next fall, with the addition of keyboardist Galen Karnatz, it was time to hit the road and take their sound beyond the towering walls of the Tetons. They quickly built a reputation for high-energy performances and sweaty dance floors across the western US, taking to the road with repeated tours and expansion into new markets outside of the “Hole”.

“In December 2014, SPSW released their debut album, Breakfast, which received airplay across the US, reaching number 5 on the Relix/ radio charts. Relix magazine featured the album and proclaimed, “their tight, practiced musicianship is on display, and a pulsing groove remains the foundation for the majority of the 12 songs…”

“2016 brought a new rhythmic drive to SPSW when New Orleans native Phil Walker took over on drums. With their newly solidified lineup, the group began writing more music and released their 2nd effort, a 6-track EP titled Dojo, which was featured on NPR’s “Here and Now”. This rock solid 5-piece foundation has been touring the West Coast and Rocky Mountains for the last year, turning heads and igniting dance parties up and down the country.”

“The future shows no signs of slowing down, with plans for SPSW to record a new full-length record this Spring along the banks of the Hoback River in Wyoming. The band continues to evolve, and this upcoming album promises to be the best yet. Stay tuned for more from SPSW, the future looks to be funky!  “There’s something so universal about funk music, perhaps because the word ‘funk’ transcends music itself. It’s a feeling, and when you have it, you have it. One listen to Sneaky Pete & The Secret Weapons, and you know they understand what it means to be funky…the band’s sophomore effort DOJO shows off maturity and growth with each note.”


“A Pato Banton concert is an event not to be missed and an experience not to be forgotten.”

“Positive Vibrations abound with a beat to keep you on your dancing feet, while Pato delivers a message that is food for the mind and soul. Many have considered his charismatic performance as live theatre where no show is alike and audience members become participants in the experience. Pato dialogues with the crowd on a range of topics including current day events and spiritual freedom while keeping the vibes upbeat and fun!  The direction of the concert is totally based on the feedback Pato receives from the audience as there is no fixed set list.  Many have said that the positivity generated from the stage has changed their lives forever.  Sometimes Pato invites his fans to join him in a prayer circle after the show, where some have cried while sharing their stories of contemplated suicide, isolation after losing a loved one, struggles with substance abuse and how their personal connection with Pato has given them the strength to “Stay Positive” & “Never Give In.”

“The following Pato Banton story charts his rise from the most disadvantaged of circumstances in his youth, through a long and successful career as a world renowned reggae legend, back to his roots with a commitment to work for the benefit of young people in his community, and finally on a mission to spread the “Good News” & “Positive Vibrations” to the “Now Generation”. Should be another wonderful, peace and love time in the park.  Join in!

SECOND SUNDAY IN SOPRIS PARK – JULY 14TH – OPENING ACT: JEFF PLANKENHORN FROM AUSTIN – 4PM – – Special Show in the Shop at 8pm after the park live music

“Roots-rocking follow-up to 2016’s acclaimed SoulSlide finds the Ohio-born, Texas-based artist expanding his musical playing field with help from friends Ray Wylie Hubbard, Patty Griffin, and co-producer “Scrappy” Jud Newcomb. When Jeff Plankenhorn, arguably one of the busiest and most highly regarded guitar players on the Austin music scene, tells you that he “hardly ever takes sideman gigs anymore,” take it with a grain of salt.

Yes, it’s true he’s made a concerted effort to carve out more time for his own solo career ever since issuing his breakout second studio set, 2016’s SoulSlide — and he aims to find even more of that “me time” come the May 4, 2018 release of his new album, Sleeping Dogs on Spike Steel Records.But as far as scaling back on the whole sideman thing goes … bear in mind that there’s a big difference between “hardly ever” and never. Namely, the former still leaves the guy just enough wiggle room to happily say “yes” when legends (and friends) on the level of Ray Wylie Hubbard or the Flatlanders need a can-do guitar man for a sold-out theater engagement. Or, say, when fellow A-list Austin sideman “Scrappy” Jud Newcomb — the MVP co-producer of Sleeping Dogs — finds out he can’t make it to a very special Johnny Nicholas gig in Hawaii, and asks “Plank” if he’d be up for subbing for him. Who in their right mind is going to say no to that?

Plankenhorn still selectively takes those kinds of calls not because he gets them, but because he’s earned them. For the better part of the last 17 years, ever since he first moved to Texas with nothing to his name but a Geo Prism, $100, seven guitars and the generous hospitality of Ray and Judy Hubbard, the gifted multi-instrumentalist from Columbus, Ohio has busted ass to prove himself not just able and willing, but above all worthy of playing with the best of the best. And the reason so many song poets like Hubbard and Joe Ely like having Plank at their side is not just because of his prodigious chops on all things stringed (especially those played with a slide), but because of his intuitive knack for knowing when to hold back, always allowing the singer room to land a lyric and go for the proverbial kill. “That’s just part of the skill set I learned very early on: ‘When in doubt, layout,’” Plankenhorn explains with a chuckle. “That joke about knowing when not to play? It’s true.”

Not surprisingly, that particular skill — along with myriad other lessons in the finer points of songcraft that he’s picked up from sharing stages with the masters — has come to greatly inform Plankenhorn’s own music over the years. But it’s never been more apparent than it is on Sleeping Dogs. Make no mistake: Plank plays a lot of guitar on the album, along with pedal steel, piano, upright bass and seemingly anything else he could lay his hands on during the sessions at the Zone recording studio just outside of Austin. But in stark contrast to SoulSlide, which by his own admission was by design a showcase for his custom-designed lap slide guitar, a patented “Frankenstein” beauty he calls “the Plank,” Sleeping Dogs is first and foremost all about the songs.

To that end, there are no covers on the new album, but half of the songs were born out of co-writing sessions with a handful of his longtime friends including his co-producer (and bandmate in Austin’s the Resentments) Newcomb, Gabriel Rhodes, Miles Zuniga, Jon Dee Graham, and of course Hubbard — the “Wylie Llama” of Americana/Texas music, who Plankenhorn still credits as his personal gateway to the whole scene. “Pretty much everyone I’ve ever played with is like, one degree of separation away from Ray,” he marvels with a laugh. It was also Hubbard who set Plankenhorn straight years ago when he doubted his own merits as a songwriter.  “I had just started out playing some of my own songs at these little acoustic gigs, but I remember telling him, ‘Ray, I don’t think I should be doing this — I’m just a side guy.’ And he said, ‘Where’s your proof? Are people coming to your shows? Are people listening to your songs? Yes? Well, there’s your proof.’”


3   –   Stillhouse Junkies –

5   –   19th Annual Mt. Sopris Music Fest and First Friday Celebration – Town Plaza – 5pm to 10pm

14 –   Second Sunday in Sopris Park – Free Summer of Live Music Series – 4pm to 7pm – Pato Banton & the Now Generation – Opening: Jeff Plankenhorn

14 –    Jeff Plankenhorn in the shop at 8pm –

18 –   The Seth Walker Trio –

20 –   Wood & Wire –

21 –   Nefesh Mountain Bluegrass Band –

25 –   The Haymarket Squares –

26 –   The Badda Boom Brass Band –

27 –   The Deer –

28 –   The Black Lillies –

We have some very talented musicians heading way-out-of-their-way to visit us in little old Bonedale.  All we have to do is show up and enjoy it.  Right? Come on out when you can.  It’s always good for you, don’t you think?  We certainly hope that’s the case.

Musically Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon

A Family Affair since 1993