Update on the Safecracking in the Dinkle on Potato Day

Live Safecracking Fans,

Well, it only took 25 years paying rent in the old Dinkel Building but I FINALLY got to see what was inside the mysterious, ancient (1861) black fire safe in our 1891 walk in vault!  Many thanks to the Carbondale Historical Society and Wayne Winton of TriCountyLocksmiths for getting the safe open and ending my decades-old curiousity.  The allure of unlocking the past grabbed the attention of many locals and it turned into a very successful fundraiser for the cash-challenged local non profit.  We are pleased to say that the event will greatly help provide support for their historical efforts.  And we hope that it will help create even more support to open the amazing Thompson House to tours.  Lend a hand if you can.

Donations came in hot and heavy at Potato Day and about 3pm a full house filled the little old Bank of Carbondale front room.  Wayne showed up in a classic black and white striped convict costume with a stethoscope around his neck.  After giving us some history on the old safe, he entered the vault and opened the 100 pound door and ended the long standing mystery.  Inside were two drawers full of papers from Deborah Brown who ran the old laundermat back in the early 70’s.  There was a birth certificate and all kinds of receipts for candy and supplies to run the old laundry.  We even found the combination to the safe locked inside!  That drew a big laugh.  It was fascinating listening to Shelly DeBeque and Sue Gray reading some historic letters from Mr. Dinkel and trying to picture what it was like in this old town way back in the 1880’s.  A real pioneer spirit back then that led to this funky old building that has brought all kinds of live music, films, art and safecracking to the old town.  My favorite part of town without a doubt.

Opening the old safe was truly a once in a lifetime event for the shop.  I learned all kinds of new facts about the history of the Dinkel Building and made a connection with the Historical Society while helping them with a great fundraiser.  It was a fun ride never to be repeated.  Hope you got to enjoy some of the mystery.

Historically Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon