A Night with the Ian Moore Band – Friday Night with the Resonant Rogues

Live Music Fans,

Last week was one of the busiest in our many years of making live music happen in this historic little town.  We put on five shows in a five day period where we presented 57 musicians in 10 talented music acts.  Whew, that wasn’t as easy as it sounds and I am so thankful for all the help that came our way to make the shows happen. The 18th Annual Mt. Sopris Music Fest was a real blast with five excellent music acts in the Town Plaza plus a cool show in the shop with George Weber and his musical friends.  We had a gorgeous show with Maybe April on a sleepy Tuesday Night when a full house really loved their harmonies.  The busy week ended on a good note on Second Sunday in Sopris Park where we got to hear three great acts and dance in the rain.  All kinds of fun!  Hope you got to enjoy some of it.

Now, we are back to a more “normal” musical schedule this week with “only” two nights of live music.  But, they are good ones!  So, check out the websites and take advantage of a very cool Tuesday Night show and another high quality, major league pro act on Friday Night.

See you at the shows!

TUESDAY NIGHT – JULY 10TH – THE IAN MOORE BAND – 8PM – www.ianmooremusic.com

“Ian Moore (born August 8, 1968 in Berkeley, California, USA) is a guitarist and singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas. He studied violin as a child but later switched to guitar. His music contains elements of psychedelic rock, soul, folk, rock and roll, world music and blues, with deep literary influences. After playing guitar in Joe Ely’s touring band and appearing on one studio album, he spent time in Austin with his own groups, first Ian Moore and Moment’s Notice, then The Ian Moore Band. While attending The University of Texas at Austin, Moore played in Austin regularly, quickly developing into one of Austin’s largest draws. This led to his debut album which was released by Capricorn Records in 1993. The success of this album spawned multiple radio hits, TV appearances, and tours with artists such as Bob Dylan, ZZ Top, Paul Weller, and the Rolling Stones. His second record, Modernday Folklore, was voted one of the greatest art moments in Art of America, and led to more high level touring through the US and Europe, as well as his top charting song, Muddy Jesus, which made it into the top 5 AOR rock radio charts.

Ian’s musical journey has been vast and ambitious. His first two records pushed the envelope of the Blues Rock genre, including psychedelic, power pop, and heavy art influences, and predating bands such as My Morning Jacket and Gomez by many years. His mid period, coinciding with a move to the Pacific Northwest, found him exploring psychedelic folk on records such as his YepRoc records, Luminaria, which No Depression said belonged alongside Grant Lee Phillips and Wilco, channeling Scott Walker and the Beach Boys. Around 2006 Ian’s records took a turn into the noise rock, power pop realm, as he released To Be Loved and El Sonido, now being compared to Matthew Sweet and Big Star. Pop Matters put it succinctly as they summed up his career to date, saying ” Sure, he’s got his peers, but he’s ballsier than Josh Rouse, bluesier than Josh Ritter, grittier than Matthew Sweet, brainier than Ryan Adams, and more muscular than Grant-Lee Phillips. Moore’s transformation from trade bluesman to restless pop chameleon may be most closely echoed by Chris Whitley” which is short form of saying that Moore is not easily tagged by genre and comparison, and in his diversity and understanding of form, he is unique in his time.

Though mostly busy with his solo releases and touring, he has scored film and TV, as well as stints as a sidemen with artists as diverse as Jason Mraz and Roky Erickson. He has been on late night shows (Letterman), morning shows (Today show). He has collaborated with Ice Cube, Prince B, Spiral Stairs, and more. His ambition and drive keeps him operating at a breakneck pace, releasing records and touring throughout the US and Europe. 2016 has found him touring the US 5 times, releasing a new soul covers EP, The Noble Art, starting a charity, SMASH, which assists Seattle musicians with health care, and becoming a Grammy Governor. 2017 will see the release of his next album, Strange Days and quite a bit more touring, recording, and collaborating.”

FRIDAY NIGHT – JULY 13TH – THE RESONANT ROGUES – www.resonantrogues.com

“The Resonant Rogues is the songwriting soul child of partners Sparrow and Keith Smith.   The pair met in Asheville in the Autumn of 2012, and their instant spark lit a blaze that could not be contained. Since then, they have dedicated their lives to crafting and sharing their music with the world, touring extensively across the US and Europe.  The Resonant Rogues are difficult to define, but easy to enjoy. With a passion for folk music that spans continents and oceans, these songwriters bring a new relevance to old styles. The Rogues weave the threads of European, Middle Eastern, and American folk music together into a beautiful tapestry that simultaneously showcases tradition and innovation.  Though the full lineup has shifted throughout the years, the soul remains the same, and stellar musicianship is a constant. Featuring a core sound of vocal harmonies, accordion, guitar, and banjo, they are often accompanied by fiddle, upright bass, and percussion.

The Rogues’ latest album, Hands in the Dirt, is out on May 12th, and the group will be touring the US and Europe in 2017 to support the album and satisfy their adventurous spirits.

Sparrow–songwriter, accordion, banjo, and vocals.  Sparrow in StudioSparrow loves to play music and dance! Her passion for movement and sound started early, with much time and energy spent on choir, orchestra, musical theatre, swing dancing, and figure skating. A voracious student, she has immersed herself in an enormous range of performance arts. Sparrow plays old fashioned originals with The Resonant Rogues, and also leads a traditional jazz band called Sparrow and her Wingmen. She also occasionally performs as a solo artist, and released a album of her original music in 2012.  Her instruments include accordion, banjo, viola, violin, piano, and musical saw.   She has been belly dancing since 2003, teaching and performing in Asheville and around the country. In 2006-2007, Sparrow attended the Circus Center in San Francisco, primarily for acrobatics, and has toured and performed with Asheville’s Runaway Circus.   For more information than you could possibly ever need about Sparrow, check out www.sparrowsings.com

Keith J. Smith–songwriter, guitar, suitcase bass drum, percussion, vocals1.  Keith cut his musical teeth in his early teens, playing drums in punk/rock bands. He developed a passion for songwriting upon learning his first chords on guitar, and hosted open mics and a community music festival in his hometown of Menomonie, WI. In the spring of ’09, he left home at the age of 18, and began traveling around the US, hopping freight trains, and street performing for a living. As a traveling busker, he accompanied many acts from New Orleans to the Pacific Northwest and everywhere in between. After a few years of hard traveling and inspiration, he gained a renewed focus on songwriting and studying the guitar. In the summer of ’12 he made a demo recording of his own songs with some top musicians in Seattle. After the album was done, he hopped trains across the country to Asheville, NC, where he soon met Sparrow, and within a few days was laying tracks for her solo album. After deciding they wanted to create a co-lead group, they formed The Resonant Rogues in ’13, and Keith’s adventurous spirit is now satisfied with touring around the world.”

Here comes some more very talented musicians from many miles away just to enjoy our magical little music room while entertaining us with their original songs and musical skills.  Should be sweet!

Hope to see you enjoying live music in the byob room.  It’s always good for what ails you.  Guaranteed.

Musically Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon