*** Streamin’ Steve’s 3rd Live Show ***

Live Music Fans, 

It took a little while but we booked two excellent acts for this Friday night streaming.  Enjoy!

MAY 15TH – FRIDAY NIGHT – FEEDING GIANTS WITH MATT JOHNSON OPENING AT 7:30PM – www.wearefeedinggiants.com  www.facebook.com/mattjohnson

“Feeding Giants is the little country/rock band with a surprisingly big sound. This acoustic trio performs covers as well as many originals ranging in style from Classic Country, Classic Rock, Indi Folk Rock and Americana. With their acoustic melodies, smooth sweet harmonies, toe tapping beats and unique sound, Feeding Giants brings a fun, intense yet relaxing musical experience to delight the heart and feed the soul.”

“Feeding Giants is available to play Weddings, Corporate Events, House Concerts, Private Parties and any other reason to Celebrate Life! They are the perfect little band for small intimate venues but don’t let their size fool you! Feeding Giants is just as comfortable playing a crowd of a 10 as they are a full house!”

PREVIOUSLY TAPED SHOW WITH THE MIGHTY DANNY BARNES – ABOUT 9:15PM – www.grassrootstv.org/streaminsteves – www.dannybarnes.com

This is the third taped show we are streaming out to you.  These high quality shows will give you a great idea of what we are now producing with every show thanks to the new HD cameras and equipment.  Many thanks again to Ralph, Jeremy, Brad, Mike, John and all our Streamin’ Steve’s Crew.  It is fantastic to see the improvements in recording these live shows and sharing them through the internet.  Truly a dream coming true for me. But, I never imagined we would be streaming with an empty music room.  Amazingly enough, the musicians have never sounded better in my room of hanging guitars!  Irony strikes again.  Our show with Danny Barnes is a fantastic night with an amazing musician.  Exactly what I look forward to presenting in the future.  The shop is looking and sounding better than ever.  Can’t wait to share it with you in person.  Meanwhile enjoy the live streaming of our two live acts for this week.

And, we look forward to hosting one of our all-time favorite local musicians, Frank Martin, to open our live show on May 22nd at 7:30pm.  Frank will warm up the little music room with two more of our favorite, long time local musicians; John Michel and Michael Jude.  These three very talented local musicians have been making people smile with their performances going back to our very start.  Should be another sweet evening of streaming.


�A clever lyricist with a punk-rock past who understands the raw simplicity of a good country tune.� � Rolling Stone

 �Down-home magical realism.� � New York Times

“While many players use the banjo to show what they can do, Danny Barnes uses it to show who he is�something so rare that we have to look back decades for comparisons.� � Bluegrass Today

 �Smart, literate, innovative, and endlessly creative.� � No Depression

“Danny Barnes’ Pizza Box is my favorite new music, my favorite rock record, and my favorite country… the music is smart and soulful, and the lyrics are profound. It is heaven and earth. It is Americana, from the back porch to the pulpit, shattered dreams on angels wings. I can’t stop listening. In the haze of over produced “perfect” recordings, Danny Barnes spent less than two weeks banging out an album that may well save your soul.” – Dave Matthews

“I have been seeing more and more clearly that what makes music work is a combination of balancing acts. By staying on the cusp between traditional and innovative, relaxed and aggressive, heartfelt and humorous, simple and sophisticated, essence can be conjured. Sometimes musicians seem to screw up and mix the vapid aspects of different genres, but in the case of a Danny Barnes, on senses the urgency that can come from ackowledging what is universal around that cuspy point.” – Mike Gordon 

“Danny Barnes is no hologram. He is completely real. I don’t know how else to put it. His kind of authenticity is thrilling to witness. Larger than life, earnest and humble as you’ll ever find. They don’t make people like that much anymore. In a certain sense, I think of Billy Monroe & Louis Armstrong. Maybe not that influential but cut from that cloth. Completely compelling and fearless, leaning into a deep well, whether he’s playing three finger style banjo, or clawhammer, or singing, or writing tunes… an American original.” – Tony Trischka 

“Danny Barnes doesn’t sound like anybody else. I was knocked out when I first heard him play and continue to be. Danny is wide open, unafraid, hungry for new ideas, and has a way of processing it all so that whatever comes in comes out all his own.The line between where he’s been and where he’s going is unbroken. The roots are strong. he lives the music. He’s not making this stuff up. It is his story. Danny is an inspiration to me and it has been a privelege to witness his work grow nd come together in such a unique way. It’s all here. The real deal.” – Bill Frisell

“Danny is a true one of a kind. His take on the banjo baffles me. His ability to bring characters to life in his songwriting inspires me. The songs on pizza box get stuck n my head so much so, that I randomly blurt them out in strange places. This angers me. The only way to get them out of my head is to learn them, play them on stage and record them. So I do. Hey Danny, checks in the mail.” – Keller Williams

“Danny Barnes i sthe great American un-sung hero. Whether playing guitar, banjo or singing – his talent is limitless. When you watch him play, it seems impossible the things he does – but when you hear it back as a listener, it all makes sense. After sitting in with our band one night, he must be the only bajo player that can play ‘Going Back to Old Kentucky’ by Bill Monroe in the key of A without a capo. When it comes to the 5 string, he makes it swing!”-Sam Bush 

“DB’s musical horizon is vast and elegant. I’ve said many times that he is the world’s greatest banjo player. With the release of his new CD “Pizza Box”, Danny has come into his own as a recording artist. His songs are gripping and full of color. Danny’s singing swoops and soarsby still waters and down rocky paths. And… as always his musicianship is electrifying. “Pizza Box” is awesome. Way to go, Danny.” – Robert Earl KeenOnce again, our great appreciation and many thanks go out to the following fans and sponsors of our live music.  Streamin’ Steve’s has started this week with the help and support of the following fans listed below.  We are so very close to our dream budget.  Thanks to our good local friends and big music fans, Tom Berthiaume and Cherryl Kachenmeister who put up a $1,000 matching grant that just needs another $365 to max out. So close. 

* 1st Bank of Carbondale * GrassRootsTV * Steve’s Guitars *  Amore Realty: Lynn Kirchner * Cathy Young – Purvis Family Matching Grant * John Jaggers * Donna Riley * Douglas MacLean * Sarah O’Gara * Rich Lopez * Melissa & Assaf Horowitz * Laurie Loeb *  Mary Margaret O’Gara * Peter Gilbert * * John Masters * Maura and Catherine Masters *  Owen Hutchenson * Sarah Kleinheber * Mark & Peggy Chain * Bear & Poppy * Georgia Chamberlain * Richard Sells * Paul Perry * Ken Wise * Howard Freeman * Jeff Dickinson * Ben Bohmfalk * Reid Haughey * Susan Drinker * Sloan Shoemaker * Hollis & Charle Sutherland * Barbara Reid & David Hyman * Mike & Linda Keefe * John Rehl * Kim Burns * George Wear * George & Emily Bohmfalk * Bob Schultz * Bill and Jane Mitchell * Malcolm McMichael * Anne Gonzalez * Mel Blumenthal * Stephen Libera * Laura Bond * Anita & Nathan Weedmark * Ronald Phaneuf * Rick Blauvelt * Ed Holub * Jeff Wadley * Robert Comey * Steve Tullar * Fred Malo * Marty Silverstein * Brion After * Tyler Stableford * Jenell Hilderbrand * Marjorie DeLuca * Carolyn & Marty Manosevitz * Larry Gottlieb * Peter Davidoff * Bob Hess 

See you in Streamland. 

Musically and Gratefully Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon