*** Streamin’ Steve’s 9th Live Streaming Show ***

Live Music Fans, 

Back in the “normal” days, we would host more than one show in a week.  That changed to only one show a week for the past three months and only with our live streams.  This weekend, we change that pattern as we present two nights of live streaming some of our very talented local musicians.  I included the info for tonights show below that features Don Paine, Aprl Moon and opening act at 7:30pm, Ali & Shaefer Welch.

We had to cancel our scheduled Second Sunday Show in Sopris Park for June so we wanted to offer some great local musicians on a special Sunday afternoon.  And, not only is it the Summer Solstice weekend, it is also Fathers Day.  Another good reason to tune into the live stream as musical entertainment for any special occassion.  

Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads and your fans. See us in our streams. www.grassrootstv.org.

SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE STREAM – 4PM TO 7PM – WILLIAM STEINDLER, FRANK MARTIN & JACKSON EMMER – www.grassrootstv.org for the live stream link – www.frankmartinmusic.com www.jacksonemmer.com 

�Few are writing songs like Jackson Emmer.� � Rolling Stone

He can�t help it. Songs keep Jackson Emmer up at night. Born with an unrelenting creative spark, Emmer has quietly built his reputation as a songwriter�s songwriter on the outskirts of country music. His work blends humor with heartache, and tradition with exploration. Emmer�s whiskey-smooth, conversational singing style is as distinct as his writing. He often croons at a whisper, drawing listeners in with his relaxed, understated delivery. Lately, Emmer has drawn critical acclaim for his 2018, sophomore album, �Jukebox.�

While honing his gentle, country sound on the backroads of America, Emmer moved around the US for almost a decade. Colorado, North Carolina, and Vermont were his main anchor points. He began performing in local blues bands at the age of 18. Too young to be admitted through the front door of a bar, Emmer often had to sneak in through the kitchen to play. A few years later, he found work in string bands and bar bands before focusing on the craft of songwriting. Never one to shy away from a side-hustle, Emmer has worked nearly 40 jobs to support his �music habit.� Grocery shelver, limo driver, waiter, museum attendant, and produce farmer- the list goes on. This varied background has become a key ingredient in Emmer�s writing.

Jackson Emmer is often compared to artists like John Prine, Guy Clark, and Roger Miller. In 2018 he won awards for his songwriting at the Telluride Troubadour Contest (Telluride, CO), Folks Festival Songwriter Showcase (Lyons, CO), and Songwriter Serenade (Moravia, TX). He has opened for or co-billed with: Leon Bridges, Della Mae, John Oates, and The Wood Brothers, to name a few.

Emmer tours the US regularly, performing approximately 100 shows each year- most of which are house concerts. However, he has appeared at several historic venues and festivals, including: Telluride Bluegrass Festival, House of Blues (Houston, TX), Rockwood Music Hall (NYC), The Iron Horse (Northampton, MA), and the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival (Lyons, CO). Emmer lives in Carbondale, Colorado.”


�Frank Martin is a quadruple threat. He sings. He plays guitars and mandolins. He writes songs. He is an octopus with fingers flyings in all directions. Frank�s four-way skill set empowers him to be one of the best musicians in the valley. �Right here, right now, in this Roaring Fork Valley, as consumers of great music, our cup runneth over. Frank Martin has just refilled it with a new recording called, �Blue on Blue on Blue.� – Steve Skinner


William played a bunch of local gigs with the band “Callin Old Souls” and earnded fans with his “underground country you can dance to” original songs.  Stream in and dig his original music and Outlaw Country spirit.


“April Moon and Don Paine began their musical career together in 1977 as teenagers hitch hiking across the US and Canada. In their innocent youth they actually believed that playing a banjo on the side of the road would help them get a ride…Hmmm! Forty three years later, Four kids and four grandchildren later, the whole family continues to create music to this day. As it turns out playing that banjo on the side of the road did help to make way for the ride of a lifetime.”

“Consisting of Ali and Shaefer Welch, Rosewood Divine is an folk/acoustic duo, performing locally in the roaring fork valley.  Since joining musical talents in 2011, they�ve brought individual songs, ideas, and styles together creating harmony driven vocals and developed melodies.  With musical influence from multiple genres, Rosewood Divine�s sound is one that encompasses complex vocal arrangements with witty lyrics”.  — 

Thanks again to everyone who has donated to making Streamin’ Steve’s a reality and here comes the 9th stream of live music from the little old music room. We hope you are enjoying the live music while in the comfort of your safe home.  Special thanks to our kind Aspen landlord, Anthony “Tony” Mazza and his staff who have been of great help with the streaming effort and staying in business through these strange times.  Our donor list just keeps on growing every week along with our weekly EMail list that is now close to 3000 music fans.  All this interest and support gives us hope that we can survive this latest challenge in keeping a music business alive.  Going on 28 years of making it happen with the help of some good friends and family.  All we need is love, right?  Well, we are certainly getting a lot of that lately.  Thanks to everyone sending it out.  We feel it.

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Musically Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon