Friday Night with Moors & McCumber *** Saturday Night – Bach Goldberg Variations for String Trio – Min Tze Wu, Sarah Graf and Erin Gallagher

Live Music Fans, 

Please tell me what happened to February? That short month seemed to fly by and here we are in March!  Must have been having a good time, right? A fleet of high quality acts have been saying yes to my meager, door-split offers and the “busy” season has started off in fine fashion with two fantastic nights of live music coming our way just this first weekend of March.  And, that’s just the start.  Keep your eyes on the Upcoming Shows and take advantage of these fabulous acts coming to Carbondale just to entertain us.  

Kort McCumber has been making his original live music happen in the little old shop for over a decade. Since his Bobber Johnson days way back when.  These days, we love his musical partnership with James Moors.  They have an impressive set of original tunes that sound fantastic in the room.  They have become one of our favorite touring acts that are sure to make you a fan.  All you have to do is give them a chance.

Then, on Saturday Night, we have the classical sounds of the cello, violin and viola played by Sarah Graf, Min Tzu Wu and Erin Gallagher.  We have a perfect room to hear acoustic string instruments playing “live” classical music.  This talented local trio will bring the classic Bach Goldberg Variations to life again in the ancient Dinkel Building.  This will be a gorgeous sound.  Come out and enjoy the live music and then tell me my prediciton was right.  

See you at the shows!


“Moors and McCumber create that rare chemistry that happens when two gifted singer- songwriters and multi-instrumentalists perfectly complement each other�s strengths, a modern day version of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. James Moors and Kort McCumber grew up in different places and listening to different kinds of music � classical, rock, bluegrass, you name it. But when they met ten years ago they knew they�d found something golden. Since then, they�ve been cultivating their wide-ranging musical influences in songs that delve into love and life through haunting lyrics, soaring harmonies, and dazzling instrumental proficiency. As Grammy award-winning producer Lloyd Maines puts it, �These guys should be playing every major festival in the country. They bring it all to the stage and deliver it in a big way.� And, that complement is coming from Mr. Maines (father of Dixie Chick star) who has appeared on Austin City Limits more than any other single performer.  An Austin music god speaks very kindly about this talented duo.  Come out and see why.


“Bach’s Goldberg Variations take the audience on a transcendent musical journey. Join virtuosic performers MinTze Wu, Erin Gallagher and Sarah Graf for a performance of the string trio transcription of this incredible piece.”  The high quality of our valleys musicians continues to amaze me on a regular basis.  We are so fortunate to have some world class talent who love to play our little music room. Support these local musicians when you can.  You will feel better when you do.  Guaranteed. 

“MinTze Wu, violin – Founder and Director of BenFeng Music Studio & Productions, Wu is a violinist of many passions. She has been heard on stages from the pubs in Poland, opera houses in Italy, concert halls in Australia, US, Taiwan, and the remote villages in Newfoundland. She had performed as a member of Azmari Quartet, Sarasota Opera, San Diego Symphony, and Australian Chamber Orchestra, and from 2004-2007 she was a full-time faculty at Northern Kentucky University. She has been active in presenting, performing, and creating music projects inspired by different genres, cultures, and traditions. A graduate from Cleveland Institute of Music, she has pursued a career exploring possibilities of expression in classical music as an expressive medium of performing art, with notable projects such as Peer Gynt, Death of the Pugilist, Carmen Fantasy, Kiss, Passage, Traces, Beneath, and Kreutzer. Her production of Xu Zhimo & His Transfigured Night has been presented at the National Concert Hall and National Opera House in Taiwan. She has collaborated with filmmakers, theatre directors, writers, calligraphers, and visual artists in multi-disciplinary productions in both Asia and North America.”

“Erin Gallagher is an active performer and teacher on both viola and violin. She has performed as soloist, chamber musician, and member of Baroque ensembles in Minneapolis, Chicago, Boston, Vancouver, Paris, Nice, Amsterdam, and Australia. Erin studied viola with Richard Marshall of the Minnesota Orchestra before attending Northwestern University (Evanston IL). There she studied viola with Dr. Roland Vamos, received a B.A. in English Literature with Honors, and spent six months studying modern and Baroque viola at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Since moving to the Roaring Fork Valley in 2014, Erin has performed extensively, including classical, Baroque, and non-classical styles, including playing fiddle, keyboards and backing vocals for several bands in the valley. Erin is the viola mentor for the Roaring Fork Youth Orchestra, maintains a small private violin/viola studio, and seeks to inspire young musicians in this valley with the complicated joy and deep fun of playing music with others.”

“Cellist Sarah Graf is an avid chamber musician, soloist, and teacher. Since moving to Colorado in 2007, Sarah has performed extensively in concert series across the region. Sarah specializes in baroque performance and has played in the Freiburg Baroque Academie and Oberlin Baroque Performance Institute. In 2019 Sarah created Rocky Mountain Baroque, an early music ensemble. She is principal cellist of the Aspen Choral Society orchestra and has filled in as principal cello with the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra. Sarah received her undergraduate degree and Performer’s Certificate from the Eastman School of Music, studying with Alan Harris and Steven Doane, and attended music festivals including the Aspen Music Festival and National Orchestral Institute. As Executive Director of the nonprofit Roaring Fork Music Society and program director of the Roaring Fork Youth Orchestra, Sarah is dedicated to sharing the experience of serious musical study and performance with the next generation of young musicians. Sarah teaches cello throughout the Roaring Fork Valley and has completed registered Suzuki teacher training.”

Come on out!!

Musically Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon