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Live Music Fans,

We had a wonderful weekend of live music and safe openings.  Hope you caught some of it.  The music started on a rainy First Friday Night with a bunch of talented 20 somethings playing some cool original rock and roll while watching their friends dance.  On Saturday, Ralph, Wes and I put on six different acts including Wes Engstrom, the Hell Roaring String Band, the Cowboy Corral, the Carbondale Middle School Jazz Band along with the Roaring Fork High School Concert and Jazz Bands.  Loved the setting of the Potato Day celebration and the rain stayed away just long enough.

After the wonderful music in the park, we went over to the shop for the long awaited opeing of the old black safe in the walk in vault.  So cool to open it and find the contents finally and watch our old friend, Jim Hawkins, win the door/safe prize.  Really had a blast with this once in a lifetime event.  Hope you got to play along while helping the Historical Society.  Was a wonderful feeling being able to help them raise some much needed funding while getting in the safe.  A real win-win for the shop.

And, the event full weekend ended on a beautiful note with another fantastic show with the Deer.  They have become one of our favorite touring bands and we look forward to their next visit from Austin. Last night they had Charlie Rose from Elephant Revival join in the fun to open the night and add some gorgeous pedal steel guitar, banjo, vocals and stories.  It became “Super Deer” for this show and it was their best show even.  Some fantastic sounds filled the room with Grace’s beautiful vocals, keyboards, standup bass, drum kit, F-hole guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, fiddle and more vocals.  A great band who delivered a extraordinary performance.  One to remember.  And on a Sunday night, too.  Just remember that some of our best shows happen on “off” nights.  Like this coming Sunday night.

Now it’s on to the next show in the shop, right?


“Miranda Dawn and Chris Hawkes first met in 2010 when he crossed an Austin barroom floor and asked her to dance. A modest beginning became an undeniable attraction the first time they sang together and created a sound Texas Monthly calls “undeniably intimate”.

Dawn, a performing singer-songwriter was hosting her own songwriter group showcases and literally set the stage for a fateful convergence with Hawkes, a recording producer and touring artist who remembers “One night, after closing time, Miranda played one of her songs that instantly felt familiar so I picked up a guitar and played along.” Miranda Dawn admits “Our harmony just fell in and that was the moment we both felt that we should sing together–” She continues with more than a hint of genuine wonder “it was as if there was suddenly this third voice.”

Their initial duo effort, Golden Heart,  climbed to No. 25 in Billboard’s Folk chart and landed at No. 2 in iTunes singer-songwriter albums and kicked off a whirlwind of cross-country touring and co-writing. Dawn and Hawkes recorded their second album, Yours and Mine, in between tour dates with influential artists like Alison Krauss & Dan Tyminski, Patty Griffin, Old 97s, Robert Earl Keen and showcasing at festivals like Austin City Limits, Folk Alliance, AmericanaFest, South By Southwest and TEDx on tours in the US and abroad in Denmark, Germany and Australia. “We’d tour, come home inspired, record a song, tour, rinse and repeat” explains Dawn.

The majority of the songs are co-writes, conceived in real-time while the couple’s relationship bloomed and the record stands as an unfiltered chronicle tracing a pair of hearts stumbling, floating, and sometimes soaring through life together. Though not without moments of sobering reflection, Yours and Mine is foremost a celebration of life’s genuinely beautiful moments that make us want to take another breath and another step – despite uncertainty.  Acoustic Guitar hails the musicality of Yours and Mine, as “Impeccable vocal harmonies and instrumentation” Huffington Post summarizes “Transcendent alternative-folk — you will find yourself craving more from this amazing, dynamic duo.”

The duo stored their possessions and lived on the road, drawing inspiration from American deserts and mountains, to the South Australian coast while navigating a shared journey through mortality, grief and compassion for differing perspectives. Upon returning to Austin, they set upon building a new home and self-producing their second full-length album, The Other Side, released in July 2018. The Austin American Statesman calls it “10 new tracks of sweet folk-rock – instantly appealing tunes – rooted in the singer songwriter heyday of the early 1970’s, they also fit well into the modern-day indie-folk revival.”

In a time when the world seems more divided than ever, this album explores themes of empathy, hope, and finding our common humanity. “While on our own adventures of ups and downs we found ourselves exploring themes of empathizing with the other side,” recounts Miranda Dawn. “We hope that you will hear this album and share it with someone you love, because these are anthems of compassion for everyone who’s ever felt on ‘The Other Side.'”

“Impeccable vocal harmonies and instrumentation”  – Acoustic Guitar

“Transcendent alternative-folk – you will find yourself craving more from this amazing, dynamic duo”- Huffington Post

“Songs of introspective bliss, this singer-songwriter team genuinely helps the listener feel the spirit of life”

– Performer Magazine

“lovely, lilting and clearly heartfelt” – Elmore Magazine

“instantly appealing tunes… rooted in the singer songwriter heyday of the early 1970’s, they also fit well into the modern-day indie-folk revival.”- Austin American Statesman

“Outstanding musicians individually, they are absolutely magical together.”  – Houston Press

“The audience caved for their interplay, romance, and music. They won everyone over by being raw, real, and original.- Austin Chronicle

“Roots music that sears the heart yet goes down smooth. Blues, folk, country and rock tangle in their sound, every element amplified by the pair’s lovely, tortured harmonies” – Columbia Tribune

“A couple whose harmonies and chemistry speak for themselves. It was clear from the very first note that Dawn and Hawkes are something very special” – Taste Of Country

“Naturally drawn to each other, the Austin based indie-folk-Americana duo performs with an unmatched chemistry apparent throughout the interplay of their onstage personas as well as their intricate harmonies.”- Steamboat Today

“Undeniably intimate”  – Texas Monthly

Musically Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon