The Elephant Collective on Saturday Night

Live Music Fans,

We only have one show booked, so far, for the week but it’s a good one.  Winter has settled in around this neck of the woods and the intimate little byob music room is just the thing to keep us cozy and warm.

See you at the shows.


It was a few years back when a talented picker named Dango Rose convinced me that his new project would be perfect for the room.  Turns out to be true and the Elephant Revival Concept put on a sweet show.  They dropped the “Concept” from their name and went a sweet ride for a decade.  I got to see them at the Wheeler Opera House for one of their last shows in the valley and they sounded fantastic.  Sad to say that the band members have gone their separate ways but the good news is that we get to hear the latest project with one of their founding members; Dango.  Sounds like some high quality original music in store for all us music fans.  Come check it out.  Here are a few words from Dango about his music and the players.  Should be a good one!

“Dango Rose of Elephant Revival will be joined by influential podcast creator, Jules Schroeder of Unconventional Life, who’s new original songs and vocal prowess walk the line somewhere between Adele, Little Feat (circa 1973) and Abstract Soul.  Dango Rose’s aesthetic continues to push the progressive edge of Transcendental Folk while incorporating keen storytelling.  Both performers lean into the realm of improvisation and uncharted explorations can be expected. With Dango and Jules will be producer/guitarist Evan Reeves and Jules’ brother, singer and keyboardist Ben Schroeder.”

Dango Rose — (vocals / mandolin / banjo / bass / guitar)

Jules Schroeder (vocals / ukelele)

Evan Reeves (Guitar / Mandolin / Vocals)

Ben Schroeder (Vocals / Keys)

And, here are a few more words on Dango’s Bio from the Elephant Revival website.

“Simplicity is the final achievement.

— Frédéric Chopin”

“Daniel (Dango) Rose embraces a passion for music as a vital healing influence and as a spiritual path. He creates and collaborates to support harmony and truth. Born with a poet’s soul and a warrior’s heart his life’s journey has been one of transformation. Filled with gratitude at the opportunities to work with world class musicians and artists, he currently celebrates Elephant Revival as his musical home. ~ On this site, you will find the rest of Dango’s Art. The MUSIC tab contains released & unreleased solo material. In the WRITER tab you will find his “Reflections From the Road” travel BLOG and other poetic musings. VIDEOS AND PHOTOS can be found under the gallery tab. Make sure to sign up for the mailing list to stay up to speed and get free music. A sincere thanks for your support, and for coming by this site. Enjoy.

Over a decade into life with Elephant Revival some parts of the original dream have clarified while others have been completely redefined.  As Dango readily explains, “It’s been a joyous experience of self-discovery, to co-create with such a dynamic group of talented singers, songwriters and instrumentalists.  I wouldn’t trade any of it; I am so grateful for my bandmates, who over time have become like family to me.  Amazingly, this goes for our fans too; we have the greatest and most supportive fans in the world.”  He carries on, “I’m looking forward to a lifetime of performing with and contributing to such a magnificent entity.  In staying true to my heart, I’ve decided to begin releasing more of my own music and writings into the world, because sharing these intimate portraits of my experience is what I was born to do.”

Hope to see you at the shows.  Some excellent ones coming up like Tony Furtado, Willy Porter, River Whyless, John Gorka and more.  Keep your eyes on the schedule and then come out when you’re lucky enough to leave the house for the best little byob music room on 4th Street.  Stay safe, warm and entertained.

Musically Yours,

Steve, Mary Margaret and Shannon